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*UnstoppablE* K!nG

[Addons] Perfect Zombie Plague

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  • Title: Perfect Zombie Plague (Used in CSO Hintservers)
  • Description: Zombie mod with cso money system and new gamemodes bla bla bla
  • Author: *UnstoppablE* K!nG
  • Download https://mega.nz/file/X89CWI7L#jiyla6-i5d-eE5tD-srRADe5sQB5tzAmEyfZUzScH50
  • Plugins: 
  • plugins-zplague
  • zombie_plague40.amxx debug
    zp_extra_points.amxx debug
    points_autosave.amxx debug
    zp_buymenu.amxx debug
    zclass_classic.amxx debug
    zclass_hunter.amxx debug
    zclass_ghost.amxx debug
    zclass_heavy.amxx debug
    zclass_shaman.amxx debug
    zclass_fire.amxx debug
    zclass_raving.amxx debug
    zclass_poison.amxx debug
    zm_vip.amxx debug
    vip_armor.amxx debug
    cso_extra_dbalrog1_colored.amxx debug
    zp_sterling.amxx debug
    CSO_Skull3.amxx debug
    CSO_Balrog7.amxx debug
    zbg_weapon_thanatos12.amxx debug
    zbg_weapon_dbarrel_peint.amxx debug
    zbg_weapon_skull1887.amxx debug
    azp_weapon_anaconda.amxx debug
    azp_weapon_tmpdragon.amxx debug
    dual_uzi_extra.amxx debug
    zp_extra_vsk94_sf1.amxx debug
    yt_weapon_guitar_sumer_0.amxx debug
    yt_extra_hk416_chrom.amxx debug
    weapon_janus7.amxx debug
    azp_weapon_mg3.amxx debug
    cso_extra_m134_monkey.amxx debug
    extra_pack.amxx debug
    zp_extra_recoil.amxx debug
    zp_extra_unlimited_clip.amxx debug
    zp_lasermine_28.amxx debug
    zp_extra_jetpack.amxx debug
    cso_extra_jump_bomb.amxx debug
    zp_extra_knife_blink.amxx debug
    vip_weapon_m1887g.amxx debug
    vip_extra_golden_ak_47.amxx debug
    cso_extra_skullus3.amxx debug
    zp_addon_knifes.amxx debug
    zp_countdown.amxx debug
    azp_weapon_p90lapin.amxx debug
    zp_extraitems_watergun.amxx debug
    money_command.amxx debug
    give_points.amxx debug
    vip_extra_thanatos3.amxx debug
    admin_priv.amxx debug
    z47_goldredcannonex.amxx debug
    admin_thunderbolt.amxx debug
    admin_buffm4.amxx debug
    zp_parachute.amxx debug
    respawn_menu.amxx debug
    camera.amxx debug
  • Gameplay:
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