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*UnstoppablE* K!nG

[Addons] CBCL Zombie Plague + CSO

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  • Title: CBCL Zombie Plague + CSO
  • Description: ZP 4.3 with CSO Guns and 4 privileges menus (VIP/ADMIN/S.ADMIN/BOSS) each privilege have 2 guns except for BOSS
  • Author: *UnstoppablE* K!nG
  • Download:  https://mega.nz/file/KtkRQIZA#wzRRrk9i9Sf6lN_rqW7VJkUKCYtNFWZyTIp9CzD0eh4
  • Plugins: 
  • plugins-zplague.ini
  • zombie_plague40.amxx debug
    zm_vip.amxx debug
    zclass_classic.amxx debug
    zclass_hunter.amxx debug
    zclass_ghost.amxx debug
    zclass_heavy.amxx debug
    zclass_shaman.amxx debug
    zclass_healer.amxx debug
    zclass_fire.amxx debug
    zclass_poison.amxx debug
    zp_extra_armor.amxx debug
    zp_extra_recoil.amxx debug
    zp_extra_health.amxx debug
    cso_extra_dbalrog1_colored.amxx debug
    cso_extra_blood_skull1.amxx debug
    cso_extra_sapientia.amxx debug
    cso_extra_block_as11.amxx debug
    cso_extra_rail11.amxx debug
    cso_extra_ak47craft.amxx debug
    cso_extra_akm_long.amxx debug
    cso_extra_dualUzi.amxx debug
    cso_extra_gillboa_ex.amxx debug
    cso_extra_skull3_blood.amxx debug
    cso_extra_skullus3.amxx debug
    cso_extra_tunder3_2.amxx debug
    cso_extra_xm8miku.amxx debug
    cso_extra_m16custom.amxx debug
    cso_extra_psg1_red.amxx debug
    cso_extra_vsk94.amxx debug
    cso_extra_m134_monkey.amxx debug
    cso_extra_avalanche_ex_2.amxx debug
    cso_extra_jump_bomb.amxx debug
    zp_addon_knifes.amxx debug
    priv_stuff.amxx debug
    vip_m4a1.amxx debug
    vip_ak47.amxx debug
    admin_camera_gun.amxx debug
    admin_jetpack.amxx debug
    sadmin_venom.amxx debug
    sadmin_thunderbolt.amxx debug
    boss_buffm4.amxx debug
    show_hp_dmg.amxx debug
    zp_respawn.amxx debug
    zp_win_hud.amxx debug
    zp_ap_store.amxx debug
    PrecacheX.amxx debug
    zp_sub_parachute.amxx debug
  • GamePlay:

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