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(HintS) Discord HS Watcher

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Hello, guys.

We have our first Discord Bot called "HS Watcher" the main concept is that you can see what's happening with community servers as a player, admin or owner of the server.

System doesn't require any 3rd-party plugin inside the server which means that it's not going to affect the server performance at all, which is a big plus.


  • HintS Network benefits from this / Free for our community servers.
  • See the chat between players on the server.
  • See who joined in which team.
  • See who left the server.


  • Monitor live server cvars changes.


  • Possibility to custom-commands (more soon)


  • All the available AMXX Server commands with the prefix !



Available commands: 

  • stats - Shows some basic live stats about the server (current players, online admins, map)
  • all the AMXX commands are available with the prefix !
  • coming soon
  • coming soon
  • coming soon
  • coming soon

Big features upcoming:

  • Posibility to link your server stats with your Discord account.
  • HintS Shop
  • HintS Tournament
  • commands based on the server mod, e.g: Zombie Mod
  • more useful commands 

I will recommend everyone to join our fresh Discord Channel


Any ideas, suggestions are more than welcome and I'm always happy to hear and implement.

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