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(Contest) HintServers Widget

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Hello guys,

I am building HintServers Widget System and I need your creative talent.

Example background / dimensions needed: 

Small banner: 


Big banner examples:




Big banner could be made with the label names (Server Name:, Ip Address:, etc) or without. 

There are a few details that I have to tell:

1. Our Widget System supports 110 games pretty-much like GameTracker so I will probably need a few.

2. We can have this for couple of games/protocols (Counter-Strike: 1.6, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rust, Teamspeak) and see after

3. On the left could be the game-type, on the right could be the logo  - again, pretty much like GameTracker, but if you have a better idea, go for it.



Winner becomes Manager Server and receive a free hosted game server (could be CS 1.6, CS:GO) for unlimited period.

Based on Winner commercial experience could become UI / UX Designer for HintServers platform.



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My Entries:

Important instructions:

  • On the both banners the left side is for the game logo(must be bright and able to be seen clearly with the naked eye of a person, or else the "hintservers" logo will be visible more than the server ip/name/logo/etc... )
  • server stats/players must be placed on the right side before the hintservers logo and the half triangular shapes and lines, this applies to both of the banners . basically like gametracker banners

Large banner :


small banner (for server ip cs/ts3/etc.. and game logo on the left:


Note to other Members:

Do not download and re edit the above banners i created. this is all handmade(by paint 3D) and done by me including the background. non of the logo's and symbols are downloaded from the internet, only the hintservers banner is being SS'd and applied. the logo in the right bottom corner (large banner) and the logo in the right top corner (small banner) is purely hand drawn using paint 3D.

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There are a few things I might forgot to tell you, the dimensions needs to be the one images I posted have, secondly I recommend going on the background image to be a game type - just like gametracker, a fade / blury image with cs 1.6 when terrorists get out of base. (we can automatize and make a dynamic thing with this aswell)

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