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  1. i m back 

    1. Ali


      bro what happened in staff and mod and new forum 

    2. [Legion]Field


      Some staff changes. and new forum theme by mrshark

    3. KanekiEAici
  2. yes good idea top 1 get 30 day free vip 2 get 15 day free vip 3 1 week free vip 7 day s and top rest every month that will be better
  3. U want more hours to get permission to make admin req Hours 60+ T/c
  4. Ali

    sv crashing maps

    i ifnd the crash just in cso hintervers
  5. just wait kreason or king or @nekaluda
  6. if u want slot creat new name bec warrior is pub name an he have 421 hours so just creat other name u will get slot T/c
  7. Enjoy the slot is free
  8. Contra ! Good luck whene we talk with him he don t give any care
  9. .i can t said Pro bec i not have admin here
  10. limited armor that good
  11. @Stane :D said lets add some colors to the steps we take...lets add trails with colours for specific members (choosable) yellow color - vip gold - well gold obviously blue- admins red - owner/co-owners green - top5 players (maybe) and if people like to have trails 1$ for white trail (not interested at all but we get money ) c'mon think about it it brings color to the server and more players want to play trail plugin: https://forums.alliedmods.net/attachment.php?s=a7ebabc8001d3d523d3cd31b76b27fcc&attachmentid=4922&d=1135904888 side note : trails can be set by super-moderators/co-owners/owner only @Ali My idea why don t add point mod theme make it with point and make nemesis and survivor too with point
  12. @Stane :D U link https://www.gametracker.com/player/Stane/cs.hintservers.com:27015/
  13. moderator = Mod-eRaTor this better
  14. Nick PepSi_ level 133


Cooooming Sooon.


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