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  1. - Nick: - Ip: - Unique ID: - Cine te-a banat: - Detalii: - Motiv: Regulament : - Faceti un topic nou cu titlul: " [TS] Cerere unban Nume ", daca va avea alt tip de titlu, cererea NU va fi luata in considerare, si va fi inchisa ! - Nu postati in topicul altui user, pentru ca cererea nu va fi luata in considerare si postul va fi sters fara atentionare ! - Cei care vor vota pentru cererea de [Unban] vor fi cei care sunt admini ai serverului TS.DEADLY.RO ! - Postati in maxim 24 de ore de cand ati primit banul ! - Sunt luate in considerare doar banurile date pe o perioada mai mare de 3 minute !
  2. Nume Canal: Adaugare sub-canal?: Fondator pe Canal: Unique ID:
  3. @PRO INDIAN GAMER :insulting full server admins&players and asking for ip adam server to join ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ old adam : he join another server and advertisement modrea players to join his server
  4. hello staff @modrea @Kerason @Field @NakaMura Is Back, this list mean a player or admin do something bad for server after type him name here. And if you see him in server again directly BAN PERMANENTLY
  5. @Mr_Vuksaan @Sead123 @DankLxrd you join server yesterday and you still dont know me, i join server 1 hour in month to joking with you all and you report me & i have never insult server before or his admins and am talk with modrea his decision Request Rejected T/C
  6. @DankLxrd @Stane :D you are dumb or stupid? https://hintservers.com/forum/48-suggestions/ this is server suggestions not here!
  7. hello everyonee , i have new medals today Crown for Community Managers & Administrators Special one for @modrea this medal giving for Members who Active in Zombie Category!
  8. mrshark45

    News For Admins

    @Field @Ali @Stane :D @Lenore @biex1g guys when some one post a some thing new in server , he dont told you about your opinion so this is not chat! for next time you will be blocked from Zombie Category Closed!
  9. today i create a new awards for Community Moderators & Global's
  10. creating a new award for beign a community Administrator we will create more for the another staff, wait more surprisess



    1. Field


      Welcome back man. so we can use only 1 signiture?

    2. Ali


      good idea

  12. @safah welcome to ur staff moderators , you will be in test please start activity at https://hintservers.com/forum/57-counter-strike/
  13. done , ur new name has been : PRO INDIAN GAMER
  14. wow @Ali dats amazing! keep it bro!
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