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  1. safah

    New vip gun(s)

    ak47 tron think will not good i think that ak47-paladin is better link : https://www.gamemodd.com/cs/skinsweapons/ak47/1137-cso-ak47-paladin-syturio.html and Thx
  2. safah

    less active

    Bye PRo
  3. Best gun for gold or Vip This Damged harry
  4. PRo this music very Cool I cant stop
  5. @Field Pro me still Get Ban PRo! Pls Help
  6. make Repect solt ! write informatin Nick:Steam (ON/OFF):age:Play Hours [link gt] :How did you find out about the server?: make a new topic and copy this informatin and make new topic
  7. Very Good Pro
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