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  1. are The assasin good for cso mod?
  2. i dont care cuz am out ! am not gonna try to deff my self what ever do what you want guys with my acc
  3. i didn't come for 1 week and look what happend
  4. this challenge too easy for me
  5. Moha Ridna

    New maps

    i think this maps for zm plague not for cso
  6. its a cso server not zm plague
  7. Nick:adam [2] .Age:18 Steam profile: (if you have?): i dont have steam [3] Hours played. ( gametracker link ) : https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ZM.HintServers.Com:27015/top_players/?query=adam [4] .Level: 74 5] .You agree with the sanction removed for non-compliance with the regulation?:yes I can speak english easily and fluently Hours played = 128 | Rank in server = 2 | Rank in gametracker = 2
  8. Hi Guys l am back because i finish my Things and i miss GUYS and Can i anyone Bring my Things back
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