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  1. It would be very good if you force yourself to use the sxe injected, so it would be easier to play and avoid bad times with cheats, in the classic server
  2. [AdvancedBans] ENKI_ : unbanned Cortez [] [Ban Reason: [Anti-Cheat-Reason] fpthook] desbanneado, I do not know why the server prohibits users, prohibits them for this reason [Ban Reason: [Anti-Cheat-Reason] fpthook]
  3. I wanted to inform that users of classic - cs are having problems with the counter strike: reason: [Anti-Cheat-Reason] fpthook, I guess it must be because of the non-steam counter strike that is downloaded, which brings this problem. I asked them to install the counter strike that the forum has to download, since that must come clean. Quería informar que los usuarios de classic - cs están teniendo problemas con el counter strike: reason: [Anti-Cheat-Reason] fpthook, supongo que debe ser por el counter strike no Steam que se descargan, lo que trae este problema . Les pedí que instalaran el counter strike que este foro tiene para descargar, ya que debe estar limpio.
  4. report this in the clasic - cs subforum, this is subforum respawn
  5. Name: Unabomber Reason: User disappears and appears behind me Time: Permanente Steam: No Steam This user was on his back, I took the opportunity to kill him with a knife, but he disappeared and appeared behind me Do not take demo, directly take it
  6. He comes to speak of weak minds, and cries like a little girl for a 2 hour ban
  7. but if that man is not forbidden, last night he played with us
  8. ENKI_


    vamo todavia :D
  9. Name : KARTAL YANLIZ UCAR ID: STEAM_1:0:1551866889 Reason: wallhack Time : Permanente Proof kartal.dem
  10. ENKI_


    yeah, new map! :D
  11. thanks brother, we are all very happy with the new maps!!!
  12. css_nuke2 (I tried this map and it's great) css_overpass (I tried this map and it's great) de_mirage (this is better than the de_mirage32 that is on the server, it is bigger) css_aztec (I tried this map and it's great) css_cache (I tried this map and it's great) de_dust2_go (I tried this map and it's great) csg_dust (I tried this map and it's great) https://mega.nz/file/5swnQRDY#HisufGSf3wa1clL-tfZz4sKpsNG__T1qjnz6B58BqUI They are like the ones in cs go, but for cs 1.6, these maps are great


Cooooming Sooon.


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