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  1. brother i asked him the same question more then 10 times and he wasnt answering me. One of the first questions was "did u buy levels" but he didnt answer it. Its really looking hella suspicious
  2. he did join the server 3 days ago, myb 4 and i was the one who told him the prieces of VIP and GOLD, he left like 30 minutes after i told him that and next day he just had both, vip and gold
  3. akarii

    chat tags

    look i really dont mind having less then 5 different colors in the chat or whatever, i just genualy dont think that slots should be sorted in the same rank as admins or vips in the chat
  4. akarii

    m4m3t ;x

    NICK: m4m3t ;xSteamID: m4m3t ;x STEAM_0:0:45632333 botIP: idkREASON: jumping from level 0 to 62 in less then a weekEVIDENCE: i dont really have evidence but players on the server can prove this i posted in complainment section already if u wanna read that I BANNED him PERMANENTLY until higher staff then me like neo, modrea and heav find out what did he do and im sure he isnt innocent
  5. This guy joined the server less then a week ago and is already level 62 by the time im writing this. I think he abused level command because that command is still there for slots but not for admins and he is not an admin. Some people say that he bought levels but as far as i know levels are impossible to buy on this server. Did someone from slots gave him that level or he just made himself that high i dont knoe BUT i am sure that he cant be possibly be level 62 in 3 days. He did buy VIP and GOLD as i know but isnt this a bit too stupid to be real? PLEASE CHECK WHAT IS GOING ON !!!! He is not answering my questions on the server and thats a bit strange. I BANNED HIM PERM UNTIL SOMEONE HIGHER FIND OUT WHATS HAPPENING.
  6. Add something the command /servers or something so players can see other community servers and their IPs. That could help while jumping around servers and just changing the place u play on. For example when u type /servers u get a list of hintserver community servers in the order as 1. cs classic 2. zm 3. dm, etc... I just got this idea because i tried just playing on classic server with a friend of mine and i quite liked it BUT when i add a new server's IP address after reloging in CS 1.6 i just loose it and have to add it again. YES, I know that there is a clean version of cs1.6 on the forum but it is a bit broken not gonna lie. Money transfer does not work and knife menu wont save knives we choose for ourselves. It really does feel smother playing on clean version but it has some problems coming with it.
  7. ¤ Your name: akarii ¤ Claimed Admin name: {D.E.n.O} ¤ Date and time: 9th June 2020 5:26pm ¤ Reason of complaint: abusing admin commands (changing map like every 10 minutes or so) ¤ Proof (screenshot or console or demo): i really dont think this can be used as a reason but whatever here it is ADMIN {D.E.n.O}: vote map(s) ---------(in the middle of /boss) [Romania] Pentru a cumpara arme/extra-iteme , apasati tasta B `biex1g ; voted for option #1 fan.west voted for option #1 0000 voted for option #2 this is not the first time this is actually happening, i've seen him changing maps more but my console got too filled so i cant copy it anymore CONSIDER CHECKING THIS PLEASE, its just annoying to play 10 minutes on one and swap to another map If u dont trust me or anything just ask some players on the server or whatever. Thanks for your attention!
  8. akarii

    chat tags

    I dont think slots should have same tags as other ranks considering that slots are totally free. If removing "slot" tags makes people unable to know whos account is saved and whos not, make other tags different color or something. For example make admins orange, vips/golds yellow, mods purple, etc... I think u get me
  9. while shooting it shakes my screen and looks like Aim locking but its not and its hard to actually aim like that. consider checking it out, if possible fix
  10. drops fps as well, and these are huge drops so it makes playing pretty difficult for low spec pc users
  11. i am requesting a vip for being in top 3
  12. akarii

    light nades

    add light nades in shop or everyones inventory at the beggining of the round so they dont use flashlight and lag the server
  13. okay, but the bats feels like eternity
  14. ZMs: Heavy: remove absolute black screen but add not total, splatt-looking thing as effect, random color or whichever u want Witch: lower the duration bats keep u locked Ghost: make her shadow dissapear when she uses ability or leave the shadow from bought invisibility from shop be still there Other stuff: As Field posted already fix nightvision for zombies, its hard to call it nightvision. IF possible add nightvision for humans in shop for around 3000$ per round. I really dont know if modrea has total control of these things but would be really appreciated if you read this.


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