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  1. You gotta be active on the server so you can get admin, meanwhile, we will make a new mod much better than Zombie Faction
  2. Contra! You have to play 30Hrs and you keep reporting admins for no reason...
  3. Ow 1. Sead is now one of our friends, we have to consider him as a brother 2. Helloo? i'm here and i'm the one who is controlling the server when modrea and Kerason are busy 3. Remind me why you was removed, EnZo? because i haven't seen you a long time ago on our server 4. This is the wrong section, this is cso.hintservers.com, Sead is on zm.hintservers.com 5. Read, read and read the rules again before reporting, and please, do not swear
  4. lol, but that's my video collection, make a new topic about your videos collections
  5. Title: Dynasty Zombie CSO Description: It is same as the zm.hintservers.com, but some new things Author: Susano'o (me) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/kuxfcdr4y52xat4/CSO+MOD+v2.0.rar/file Plugins: admin.amxx menufront.amxx ; конец админ меню plmenu.amxx ; меню игроков umm.amxx zp_nademodes.amxx auto_join.amxx zombie_plague40.amxx debug zp_antiblock.amxx no_one_win_blast.amxx zp_zombie_class_hunter.amxx AdminPrefixes.amxx zp_zombie_class_light.amxx zp_countdown.amxx zp_zombieclasses.amxx zp_parachute.amxx PrecacheX.amxx zp_bonus_first.amxx zp_addon_knifes.amxx nemesis_skill.amxx sank_sounds.amxx zp_buymenu.amxx zp_buymenu_all.amxx level_menu.amxx bullet_damage.amxx coins_system.amxx show_health.amxx zp_chatprefix.amxx zp_extra_pack.amxx zp_vipsystem.amxx multijump.amxx zp_vipmenu.amxx zp_vip_gold_menu.amxx zp_adminmenu.amxx zp_extra_uts15.amxx zp_extra_item_qbarrel.amxx zp_extra_skull-11.amxx zp_extra_item_skull1.amxx zp_extra_item_dart.amxx zp_extra_item_dbalrog.amxx zp_extra_spas12-cobra.amxx zp_extra_item_ak47long.amxx zp_extra_item_m16a1ep.amxx zp_extra_item_ethreal.amxx zp_extra_item_violine.amxx zp_extra_item_heavyzg.amxx zp_extra_item_watergun.amxx zp_extra_item_balrog5.amxx zp_extra_item_skull3.amxx zp_extra_item_crossbow.amxx zp_extra_item_vsk94.amxx zp_extra_item_skull5.amxx zp_extra_item_m95.amxx zp_extra_item_mk48.amxx zp_extra_item_skull6.amxx zp_extra_item_sfmg.amxx zp_extra_item_balrog7.amxx zp_extra_item_m134ex.amxx zp_extra_item_at4ex.amxx zp_extra_m32.amxx zp_extra_item_m79.amxx zp_extra_item_gdeagle.amxx zp_extra_item_sl8g.amxx zp_extra_item_gak47.amxx zp_extra_item_m60g.amxx zp_extra_item_m79g.amxx zp_extra_item_qbarrelg.amxx zp_extra_item_c4.amxx Gameplay:
  6. İ want adminstator in server i have 100 hours

    1. EnZo


      Adminship requests in modrea's server will be handled by kerason. And please respect the format and post in the correct subject

  7. Hi K!ng i have admin request in forum can you look ?

  8. Title: Perfect Zombie Plague (Used in CSO Hintservers) Description: Zombie mod with cso money system and new gamemodes bla bla bla Author: *UnstoppablE* K!nG Download : https://mega.nz/file/X89CWI7L#jiyla6-i5d-eE5tD-srRADe5sQB5tzAmEyfZUzScH50 Plugins: plugins-zplague zombie_plague40.amxx debug zp_extra_points.amxx debug points_autosave.amxx debug zp_buymenu.amxx debug zclass_classic.amxx debug zclass_hunter.amxx debug zclass_ghost.amxx debug zclass_heavy.amxx debug zclass_shaman.amxx debug zclass_fire.amxx debug zclass_raving.amxx debug zclass_poison.amxx debug zm_vip.amxx debug vip_armor.amxx debug loading_music2.amxx cso_extra_dbalrog1_colored.amxx debug zp_sterling.amxx debug CSO_Skull3.amxx debug CSO_Balrog7.amxx debug zbg_weapon_thanatos12.amxx debug zbg_weapon_dbarrel_peint.amxx debug zbg_weapon_skull1887.amxx debug azp_weapon_anaconda.amxx debug azp_weapon_tmpdragon.amxx debug dual_uzi_extra.amxx debug zp_extra_vsk94_sf1.amxx debug yt_weapon_guitar_sumer_0.amxx debug yt_extra_hk416_chrom.amxx debug weapon_janus7.amxx debug azp_weapon_mg3.amxx debug cso_extra_m134_monkey.amxx debug extra_pack.amxx debug zp_extra_recoil.amxx debug zp_extra_unlimited_clip.amxx debug zp_lasermine_28.amxx debug zp_extra_jetpack.amxx debug cso_extra_jump_bomb.amxx debug zp_extra_knife_blink.amxx debug vip_weapon_m1887g.amxx debug vip_extra_golden_ak_47.amxx debug cso_extra_skullus3.amxx debug zp_addon_knifes.amxx debug zp_countdown.amxx debug azp_weapon_p90lapin.amxx debug zp_extraitems_watergun.amxx debug money_command.amxx debug give_points.amxx debug vip_extra_thanatos3.amxx debug admin_priv.amxx debug z47_goldredcannonex.amxx debug admin_thunderbolt.amxx debug admin_buffm4.amxx debug zp_parachute.amxx debug respawn_menu.amxx debug PrecacheX.amxx camera.amxx debug Gameplay:
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