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  1. Silivl007

    SLOT issue

    When you have you lvl stats reseted again, whe you find me or Kerason or modrea on the server, tell us. Your lvl will be fix.
  2. ACCEPTED PM with nick and pass. T/C
  3. REJECTED Come back when you complet all requests for helper. T/C
  4. REJECTED Read how to make an admin request and come back with another one. T/C
  5. REJECTED Come back when you make 30 hours. T/C
  6. ACCEPTED PM with nick and pass! Take care with what cr1m1nal said, at the first time when someone saw you swearing, you will get remove. T/C
  7. REJECTED Copy request model and come back with a new one. T/C
  8. REJECTED You can't get VIP with request. You can buy it or win T/C
  9. ACCEPTED PM nick & pass T/C Last nick name is not taken into account, we can't be sure it was yours. Have fun!
  10. REJECTED Read the requirements carefully and come back when you meet them. T/C
  11. Register your server to Gametracker!
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