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  1. it means if you want 1 more admin to add then write 1 more and if you want more than 1 admin then write +1......
  2. no one will unban me and if they unban me then i will get ban again because of my shitty luck


    ok guys just now i got perm ban so i dont want to say much but i love you all and thanks for supporting me. ok i will leave now bye all i think we will meet again once but idk BYE......
  4. we already have thantos 7 so i think no need to add this but GL
  5. M4A1 Dark Knight and AK Paladin BEST!
  6. same problem with me bro when everyday i play 2 hrs it shows only 1 hour
  7. wow this is just too good keep it up bro
  8. PRO! good boi and nice to others....
  9. nah , i dont think we should give levels and especially vip and gold coz people buy it and if we give it free then its of no use
  10. umm 2 days ago i saw a person i cant remeber his name but his name was veryy big. [if i saw him again i can easily remember him] he was a headshot hacker. if you thinking that i am lying then you can ask @ENKI_ and @Moha Ridna they both were there i have no screenshots but you can ask them...
  11. yea its just time pass but its ok to add it it will lok good lol xD
  12. EN: Title : [Hint] Request slot PRO INDIAN GAMER Nick:PRO INDIAN GAMERSteam (ON/OFF):no steam....age:18Play Hours [link gt] :https://www.gametracker.com/s..._players/?query=INDIAN+GAMERHow did you find out about the server?:cs 1.6 server list
  13. from when i am playing this server i have been survivor only twice and i had no jp so .............
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