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  1. Its too OP,slows down as well as damages players way too much
  2. Had some fun with friends zm_ARMAGEDDON0005.bmp zm_ARMAGEDDON0008.bmp zm_ARMAGEDDON0017.bmp
  3. Hello,Im new on server and some of you myb already know me FnTMaSt3R(MaSt3R before).I have few suggestions for server and I think it would make it better I hope you will see this as useful and try it.Laser mines should be nerfed form 2500dmg on 750,shaman(zombie model) ability (magic aura/scream) should be nerfed it deals way too much damage,now it deals about 125 maybe even more it should be nerfet do 40 damage per scream.Shop update-you should add Health in human shop as well as some other guns,zombie knife blink boosted from 2x buys per round to 3x(you should also remove zombie health regeneration bcs every zombie has 40k hp and its hard to kill them).Player skins-you should add special skin for VIP,special skin for Helper/Admin,and special skin for Co-Owner and owner also knife specially for owners.And as last suggestion owner should make a facebook group for server
  4. Nick: FnT #MaSt3R Age: 16 Hours of playing https://www.gametracker.com/player/FnT#MaSt3R/ZM.HintServers.Com:27015/
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