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  1. I noticed that Mickyys forum avatar is different from his home page avatar. But I dont see where a second, forum specific avatar can be established. Howd ya do that Mickyy?
  2. I was wondering if anyone has ever tried to make some of the pages updateable. What I mean is to allow the admin to update the "aboutus.php" or "Contactus.php" files via the admin area. I will be setting up several of these sites and it would make a better selling point if I could say they were able to do that on their own.
  3. Its taking more that what i thought because atm theres no way to send the ban info from the logonwhere they are stored to the world.
  4. Hey lets play a game called count to 10 000 Simpel really. One person writes a number and the next person writes the number after that. So the final goal is 10 000 Ill just start off and say... 1
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