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    The game uses indexed colors, i don't think gold or mixed colors are available
  2. Change Log: Version 2.0: - Changed the colors to favor the damage number, the higher the damage the more red color will overlay in damage - Slowed the despawn time of the damage to 0.85s - Major Fixes & Redesign (Wanna see it ?, play and you will see) The update will be in game soon, any suggestions or bugs contact me
  3. Visual Damage Info: So yeah after hard working finally it is made, Visual Damage will be in server soon. @wdecoded rquested it. 2
  4. ye last gun must be some biological weapon that cause zombies to explode like drive angry's pistol, 7 hits and boom you're out of the existing, machine guns are basically useless you can hit zombie with 50 ammo and doesn't kill meanwhile you can just dual pistol him and he will die
  5. Nick: ThePlayerSteam (ON/OFF): Onage: 16Play Hours [link gt]: 30-40How did you find out about the server?: gametracker
  6. ThePlayer


    vips keep buying VSK+sl-8 and it makes it so overpowered 3 hits can kill a zombie please remove or fix bug it is unplayable for other players to kill vips
  7. ThePlayer


    oh shoot i meant Player unnamed "<Warrior> Player" "(1)<Warrior> Player" "(2)<Warrior> Player" "(3)<Warrior> Player" "(4)<Warrior> Player" "(5)<Warrior> Player" "(6)<Warrior> Player" "(7)<Warrior> Player" "(8)<Warrior> Player"
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  9. ThePlayer


    Okay modera so actually no need to edit or stuff all you have to do is to go into registersystem_whitelist file and type "<Warrior> Player" "<Warrior> Player (1)" with "" and it will be like this , i have tested it <Warrior> Player (1) : /reg [REGISTER SYSTEM] Your name is in the White List, so you must not Register! no need to change nothing just add the plugin and add names to registersystem_whitelist and the players name in it can't use /reg, notice that you dont need "" with the player name if his name doesnt have spaces such as Player or unnamed only names with spaces like warrior player so it be like Player unnamed "<Warrior> Player" "<Warrior> Player (2)" "<Warrior> Player (3)" "<Warrior> Player (4)" "<Warrior> Player (5)" "<Warrior> Player (6)" "<Warrior> Player (7)" "<Warrior> Player (8)" are we good now ????
  10. ThePlayer


    Okay don't be sad guys i am going to edit the plugin that it is going to have a txt file you can type players name that you don't want to register and if they type /reg nothing will happen. if it works and i edited it i will post it here and if it doesn't work i will just leave this topic as it will be ended
  11. ThePlayer


    "rs_whitelsit" - Whether clients, whose Names are in File or SQL table, must Register(1) or not(0). Default: 1 in the file just type default players names and make rs_whitelsit 0, worth a try.
  12. ThePlayer


    you can get the player's level or money by just using their names, example if i want a high level player i can just name myself ThePlayer and join the server and boom high level no need to work https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=171460 add register system by name so if you none can play with your name this is so fucked up i saw someone today using my name and other players....
  13. A lot of players leave when they see a map they don't have a chance to win on such as humans in zo_sand_new or zombies cant win in a map such as zm_alive_house which has some exploits can't be reached for beginner or even with bounce bomb for zombies, Maps without some parkour obstacles don't seem playable in this type of zombie mod, if you consider all bases that zombies have to crouch to get into them are easy to be done using anti-shock or madness or being in a group not as parkour bases. Many maps that are in the servers already aren't balanced or can't handle the number of players and make players leave. I am suggesting to take a look on the maps, some of them are killing the server's population.
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