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  1. {D.E.n.O}


    safah will send you guys all thing by trancelate bec its by arabic lang but you can notice ban word and hacker word
  2. {D.E.n.O}


    Guys see that this is Mohamed altyp he got my pw and banned all and told me that I don't belive him but he send me this Pic to truth him and he said I will make modrea remove you I hacked you account and banned all the person who have enemy Pic is Mohamed altyp and all say I banned the players and insult modrea and I can't insult modrea or think about that I don't know what proof you need but iam search on any proof to back my things
  3. {D.E.n.O}


    I don't know what to say but this not important proof and if iam who did that I will not say hacker by Mohamed altyp iam not stupid and can't insult modrea bec I love him and why I will insult by no reason
  4. {D.E.n.O}


    stop that then i will give them the proof on fb and trancelate it my proplem in proof its by arabic lang
  5. {D.E.n.O}


    shut up mohamed you are who hacked the account and banned all stop lie i have proof on you
  6. {D.E.n.O}


    you can ask wargods and none when i said give me the ip of dxxx dxxx is the hacker and i know him he use this nick in all servers and when he enter now said deno hhhhh
  7. {D.E.n.O}


    hi guys all saying i banned all players and i dont do that all will not belive me and i dont have thing to say but modrea sad he banned my ip and today i enter the server without any proplem then my ip dont get bad so the hacker was hacked my account and banned all i have his ip iknow him he enter now the server and left and i told wargods to get his ip and give it to me this it his ip and this is my ip proof on my ip this is not good proof but iam doing any thing to back my things i hope someone belive me but i know noone will belive me
  8. I know bro iam just asking what he is mean
  9. Bro they removed you bec you don't active for 1 month
  10. Mohamed I think he want from you change the name to hint servers
  11. hi
    so i'll SLOT rank on the server right?
    if not tell how to get it because i asked kaneki and he told to req here and i'll get it for free............

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    2. {D.E.n.O}


      Man it's so easy press frist on zm server the server wich have picture

    3. {D.E.n.O}




      This is the link press on frist topic and copy the model from it and make new topic and wait paste and wait for reply

    4. Senpai~


      yo i got accepted bro 
      but i didn't get the rank tho.........

  12. Why just neo reply xD
  13. its moderator forum req and you need atlast 100 posts and sorry @heav if i speak about that or reply on his post


Cooooming Sooon.


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