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  1. You can request for vip here but you will only get it if you buy or top 3 ranks
  2. We need to improve the server and here are ideas that need to be implemented: 1 Change tags Owner becomes Head Admin, Co owner becomes Super admin. This confuses people who made server. Only modrea gets owner tag 2 Put anti advertising plugin for chat and name change plugin on names. 3 We need more admins and we need to fix problome with people unbanning themselfs with id changers and vpn ip changers 4 Add new guns please. We are waiting for new stuff for 2 months now. If anyone has any more ideas to offer please say it. HalfLife12.tga
  3. Make new topic with model. T/C!
  4. @Warrior ( A L G E R I A ) Post topic here https://hintservers.com/forum/49-request-admin-vip-slot/ T/C!
  5. Some things i like some i dont
  6. @P.S@kuRa ツ you posted admin request in classic server make new topic here https://hintservers.com/forum/49-request-admin-vip-slot/ T/C!
  7. Hey my name now is [Legion]Field if you see regular "Field" dont give him stuff its the same guy that used neo heav csosad names and just says vip in chat

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    2. warrior algeria

      warrior algeria

      me too i got fucking bann xD
      i'm now vip Warrior ( A L G E R I A )

    3. warrior algeria

      warrior algeria

      can you unbann me


    4. Lenore


      no, you always use hack when there is no admin online so say goodbye to your vip soon

  8. @namikpro post all your bans in your ban list topic. T/C!
  9. If it was an automatic system it would be a nice quality of life improvement but all tags are only managed manually so bad idea because too much work
  10. [Legion]Field

    Fake neo

    Hey theres is fake neo that just asks where his owner is and recconects all the time to try and get access. Just to inform you our real @neo stopped playing on server so @Kerason @*UnstoppablE* K!nG if he asks for stuff just ignore him let him play he is not trouble like this. But if you want to be sure just ask him to message you on forum/discord/facebook etc... if you have the real ones profile.
  11. If you got banned when you were connecting to server then its just flood burst just play another server for 5-10 min and you will get auto unbanned. and post it in zm server this is for classic server T/C!
  12. Desired name: [Legion]Field Why do you want a name change? : I prefix added to name and needs to be changed in all servers as well
  13. @Diego Maradona send me your ip address in message and you will get unbanned
  14. @heav and @wdecoded are server owners and hint founders im waiting for them to make the decision about this situation


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