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  1. Field

    CleM VIP disable!

    CleM name now has a password! Resolved T/C!
  2. I think we have enough admins for now and i would ask the others if they agree! Only zombie server admins oppinions are accepted in this topic! Any non-admins in this topic will have their posts deleted by forum staff! Say Pro! = yes Say Contra! = no Say 1 More = for 1 more admin Say 1+ More = for more then 1 admin
  3. Field

    Hours Problem ...

    @[R]edhaa.- Alekhandro was using warrior player public name but he asked modrea for slot and he changed name and modrea gave him 60 levels to compensate for name change thats why hes 65 now but with low hours. T/C!
  4. @Maradox people with ftp are kerason modrea king and nekoluda
  5. I already added these The Governator , Jack Sparrow , John Brown , Darth Vader , Beyonce , Dante. Btw are these names advertising? west-boost [10] [DS]Nom3er[2]
  6. Well we have more players and we made the server first so he is leeching off us Step 1 Unban kimo Step 2 Tell him were changing ip to this one Step 3 ????? Step 4 Profit
  7. Warrior player is public name no protection allowed! You want slot? start with new name!
  8. Well i saw the top players and i dont see anyone i know but whats interesting is that the name has hintservers.com .
  9. Write like this model with youre info and make a new post T/C!
  10. Field

    /card glitched

    So /card is only for people with owner access but @[R]edhaa.- told me it worked for him. I think there is a problome with it. Maybe some other players have it but dont talk about it. Guys please fix this asap . @modrea @nekaluda @*UnstoppablE* K!nG @Kerason Important note : This is not his fault or other players so dont do anything bad to him or others if they have it!
  11. Field

    Clem situation

    Clems vip time ended resolved T/C!
  12. We have same admin access you can ban people
  13. @Moha Ridna Well assasin and sniper are mostly used for zombie plague servers but they are realy fun.
  14. @biex1g if we do that we gonna need moderator and super mod menus not worth it
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