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  1. My nick is Mr.Vayne . I'm kinda new in this server with only around 40hs played Im in top 17 in the server(was top15 for less than 2-3 hours, but some ppl can proove it).I'm still rank 17 and have my money saved i mean i dont care about them but i was around 55-60 level and i have lost it just today so if u fix my level i swear i will get apply for Slots even Lenore suggested me getting Slots. I grinded for 32 level to get crossbow and now have to do it for almost 1 week. Cmon im not sure what level was I bcs i didnt really watch it after 32 but pls give me it back.My age is 17 and i have proove of my level can ask some of ur VIP/Gold/Moderators if u want. This is my GT https://www.gametracker.com/player/Mr.Vayne/ZM.HintServers.Com:27015/ and help me.


Cooooming Sooon.


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