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  1. y can't request for the vip y have to buy it ...
  2. Kids. Don't care about them,they don't know what to do with their existance.

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    2. UravaN


      The problem is...he's not a man. No problem anyway 

    3. BAD GIRL *_*

      BAD GIRL *_*

      Just forget it I don't have to put a shit in my mind... 

    4. UravaN


      Well done

  3. There is so many players insult me but yeah I just say it's OK but when y insult me for no reason and y just take a picture and y say that I don't deserve to be Helper maybe I don't deserve.....
  4. It's OK y just can say what do y want I don't care but I wanna say something y have proof that I insult y but I don't so yeah who will gonna believe me.
  5. And y gys can ask the other who was in the server (kitos, the monster, Mr joker) so I just don't care
  6. Ah dude just remove me he start insulting me for no reason I can't gag him so I insult him as he do to me so just remove if y want he can do what he want but he don't have to insult me.
  7. Omg we will gonna start again but it's OK let's have some fun. 2
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