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  1. Hey guys ! how are u? I would like to become and Admin of the international server, as i live in Mexico and i am both english and spanish speaker, i think i could help a lot of users that frequently play in this sv Most of the time, i am conected during the time than Admins from Europe are sleeping, so there's nobody taking care of the servers during that time, and every evening (for us) the sv is completely full, with 3 or 4 inactive players, maps that are too big when there's less people (and the opossite too), so i am very interested in participating as an Admin to improve the experience of this server and give a hand to all of you! That would be a pleasure, thanks a los guys! Nick La Gorda Matosa Age 33 Yes i have read the rules GameTracker Link: https://www.gametracker.com/player/La Gorda Matosa/ La Gorda Matosa
  2. Nick-CS -> Date / time -> Your Steam_ID -> Your IP -> The admin who banned you -> The reason -> (Console screenshot) -> nick La Gorda Matosa Date 05/06/2020 / 1.00 am aprox (Chicago time) ID La Gorda Matosa IP Admin: CS.HintServers.com - international Reason: Aim


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