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  1. You have no right to ban me for a stupid reason which is "you are very professional and players leave because of you" like you said yesterday in the chat, you're a weak mind bro...
  2. Hey again! I think he has no evidence since he didn't reply to my private message that he read 11 hours ago (proof on the screenshot beneath) can i talk to one of the community founders? @Field Best regards.
  3. Name: Diego Maradona Country: Morocco Date and time: september 17th around 4:45 am Reason of complaint: no reason ban Proof: Screenshot attached underneath Hello, i'm writing this complaint to express my huge disappointment after a totally unfair and injust ban with no information left on my console, first of all i'm an old steam player, i've been playing since 2007 you can check out my steam account to make sure: https://steamcommunity.com/id/kups47/ secondly, the admin that banned me didn't make a clear information after the ban i think he did so due to my high score (32 kills 4 deaths), like you see in the screenshot i attached there is no information on my console,that's why i didn't mention the admin's name on the report, i'm doubting that an admin named "ENKI_" is the one who made the ban because when i was playing tonight there were only 2 admin "Lu_" and "ENKI_", Lu_ was really friendly and understanding even though i'm not a spanish speaker, after i knew the server is argentinian i had good talks with some players in english and there were really comprehensive, then ENKI_ came in and he asked me on a public message: "speak english (in spanish)", meanwhile, i wrote in the chat: "i like the server and people here are so friendly and gentle" then Lu_ replied to my statement: "good  " right after that i got an instant ban which shocked me, and the more surprising thing is that the banner didn't even ask me to scan via WarGods.com or anything he just made a stupid decision in my opinion that shows the weak mentality of some people, thanks for your time and i hope you understand my situation. Best regard.
  4. Hello, so an admin from your classic server have banned me for no clear reason i've been playing normally then he asked me to speak spanish which i can't because i didn't learn it then after i got 32 kills and 4 deaths he banned me directly. Best regard.


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