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  1. If you don't know the romanian's laungage try to do this post in english. I will give a no. If you need something PM me and I will say to you where to apply.
  2. @V I B Eif you don't have any proofs do not try to sell this unreal things. I never played with hacks and I never will. @Hardy Jascoif you need admins I can come back.
  3. Name[/nickname]: Mihai/Kaneki Age: 14 Country: Moldova Occupation: Online Gaming, I want to become a programmator for PC's and games. A short description about you: I already have a presentation here =] How did you found out Hintservers Community: By a cs 1.6 server. Favorite games: Counter Strike 1.6, Call of Duty: Mobile, Prototype™, Perfect World Mobile.
  4. Nume: Mihai Vârstă: 14 De ce dorești să aplici pentru acest grad?: Pentru ca sunt smecher si faimos, sunt foarte activ.(nu fizic, ci online) Ce secțiune dorești spre moderare?: Nu am idee, alegeti unde vi se pare ca ar fii nevoie de un moderator activ. Explică activitatea ta pe forum și secțiune din ultima vreme: Am revenit dupa 5 luni de inactivitate. Alte precizări: Buna seara
  5. Nickname: Kaneki ¤ Age (Minimum 15) : 15 ¤ Your Country:Moldova ¤ Can you be online between these hours?: (2:00 AM to 12:00 PM): I will see. ¤ Link of hours you played on server : I don't have that many hours but I can do it. ¤ Reason that you want to be admin on JaScoZP: to help, to help players ¤ Other information: no.
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