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  1. I don't understand why remove zm_dust_world. But other suggestions are great!
  2. Pro but respect me and other staff! And you will be respected
  3. Nickname: Kaneki ¤ Age (Minimum 15) : 15 ¤ Your Country:Moldova ¤ Can you be online between these hours?: (2:00 AM to 12:00 PM): I will see. ¤ Link of hours you played on server : I don't have that many hours but I can do it. ¤ Reason that you want to be admin on JaScoZP: to help, to help players ¤ Other information: no.
  4. Pro! Age+hours and being active is the key to get admin!
  5. Pro! You're a good player you deserve admin but don't abuse!.
  6. KanekiEAici

    New Tags

    Not a single response wow. I will give this a pro for players. Beacuse admins have Helper,Administrator and if they have vip|Gold it will be too long for a simple tag. I suggest adding this for slot actually.
  7. KanekiEAici

    Fake neo

    Neo has this name with pass: neo -_- So yea neo please respond at this!
  8. KanekiEAici


    Thank you for your report. We will soon ban him.
  9. When I joined t Yesterday on forum i was banned. Then I started making this account. So I talked with all of the founders. But none responded. So yea. My "account" got removed cause I had 500 reputation with only 55 posts.
  10. Desired name: Kaneki or KanekiEAici Why do you want a name change? : Cause my account got removed cause I had 500 reputation.
  11. I have a complainment to @hellcase. I will do this in EN just for understanding for others who don't know romanian/other laungages. My nick : KanekiEAici Admins nick : Hellcase ( Mr.ShArk.) What complainment you have ? : He abuse his rank on forum. 1. Removing my moderatorship on forum cause I didn't respect A SINGLE MODEL. 2. Banning me on IP without reason I have proof in discord if you want details say to me in forum private on this account. I think this guy should be removed and get only GLOBAL MODERATOR. That s my opinion.
  12. KanekiEAici


    Your Nickname: KanekiEAici Your Problem: Unban. Screenshot : You can see I got banned on IP and I still have staff on forum in that account. this is an alt of mine. So i need unban from IP @hellcasei don't know why you banned me. So I suggest to remove hellcase's founder beacuse he abused about my ban(not giving a single proof to remove my moderator ship and i don t have any restrictions. So why does he abuse his grade?.... I am waiting for your responses @KanekiEAici Is here.


Cooooming Sooon.


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