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  1. Accepted, Kindly join our discord and send me your nickname and password in either of the two dms.
  2. Accepted. Send your nick and pw.
  3. ¤ Your name: ¤ Name of admin: ¤ Date and time: ¤ Reason of complaint: ¤ Proof (screenshot or demo): Attack HIS GAMETRACKER LINK TOO: https://www.gametracker.rs/server_players/
  4. Hardy Jasco


    JOIN OUR DISCORD MUST: https://discord.gg/xykFrWF 1: Gag. ¤ Players Who Continuously Spam Will Receive Gag .(3 min). ¤ Players Who KEEP on Asking For Ammo/Mods/Jetpack Will Receive (Warning before) Gag. (3 min). ¤ Players Who Insult/abuse Must Receive (Warning before) Gag. (6 min). [ Regardless of the language spoken ] 2: Slap. ¤ Players Who Are Under Map. (Maximum 3 Slap). ¤ Zombies Who Are Camping To Extend The Round. (Warning 3 Slap Next Slay). ¤ Admins have to wait till 2 Round time To start slapping and Slaying. ¤ Players who are not in reach of the zombies. ( 3 Slap then slay ) ¤ Admins should note that There should be a minimum time gap of 3 seconds between the slaps, instant 3 slaps without breaks will lead to Warning and then suspension. 3: Slay. ¤ Players Who Block (Warnings --> Slay). ¤ If Someone Buys Nemesis And Kills Everyone But Protects An Enemy, Receives Slay. ¤ Giving Free in Armageddon Round With Nemesis is NOT ALLOWED, Blocking other Nemesis From Attacking Will Also Be Followed By Slay. [ AFK will not be Slayed ]. ¤ It's Also Given To Those Who Shoots And Even Destroys Other Persons lm. (Warnings Then Slay). ¤ Admins Who are found slaying after the Match timer runs out [ 0: 00 ], Will be punished. [ Warning->Suspension ]. ¤ Admins have to wait till 2 Round time To start slapping and Slaying. ¤ Players/Admins who give free as a nemesis, should warn players that he will attack, then wait 3 seconds before attacking. ¤ Admins who instant attack after saying run can get a suspension, and Players get slayed ( WARNING first ) 4: Freeze. ¤ If Zombies Don't Attack in Mods, 3 times slap Followed by Freeze (Plague , Nightmare , Sniper , Survivor, Swarm) ¤ If Zombies Camp in Water They Receive Freeze. ¤ Zombies who camp in normal infections will receive 3 Slaps Followed by a freeze. ¤ Admins have to wait till 2 Round time To start slapping and Freezing. 5: Ban. ¤ Players Who Retry After Gag Gets Ban. (60 Minutes) ¤ Players Who Are Using m5 When They Are Zombie Gets Ban. (60 Minutes) ¤ Players Who Retry As Last Zombie Gets Ban. (60 Minutes) ¤ Player Who Change Model For Fooling Others Ban.(60 Minutes) ¤ Players Who Use Hacks/Scrips Will Receive Ban (5000 Minutes) ¤ Players Who Advertise For Other Servers Gets Ban. (Permanent) 6: Destroy. ¤ Players Who Insult God/Religion/Any Part of The Family. ¤ Players Who Are in The Blacklist/Banned For Using Hacks/Reconnect After Temporary Ban. 7: Vote map. ¤ It's Allowed To Use This Command For A Map That Has Been Played Before (If the maps is in last maps) . ¤ If You Want To Vote map First Talk With Your Admins Colleagues.[ Suspension of 2 days if map changed without consulting anyone ] ¤ After The Default Vote Of The Server Talk With Your Colleagues If You Are Going To Keep The Map Or Choose Another. ¤ Don't Change The Map Like You Want, Always Start A Vote For The Players And Make A Vote With Maps For The Right Quantity Of Players. ¤ It's not Allowed To Use Vote map In The Middle Of The Map Time. ¤ If The Map Is Extended For The 2nd Time , Admins Must Vote map After You Talk With Your Admins Colleagues. [ Have to VOTE if an admin does not get any replies ] ¤ It is recommended to change maps within the map extending 2 times as it gets boring of a single map. 8: Zp_Human & Zp_Respawn & Zp_Zombie. ¤ Commands Such as Zp_Human,Zp_Zombie,Zp_Respawn Can Be Used Only if The Current Mode is Normal infection. ¤ Admins Must Choose One of These Commands per Map. ¤ It's Not Allowed To Use Them In First Two Rounds Of The Map. 9.Kick ¤ When the server exceeds 32/32 every afk player/admin may get kicked [one by one, not at once, also a player/admin is AFK should be confirmed ] 10.Zp_Nemesis & Zp_Assassin ¤ Commands Zp_nemesis, Zp_assassin Can Be used Twice In 24 Hours (One Time For An Player One Time For An Admin). ¤ If An Admin Has Given A Player Nemesis/Assassin Mod , You Are Not Allowed To Give Again To That Person Nemesis/Assassin Mod on the same day. ¤ zp_nemesis and zp_assassin Will only be used when Any Players/Admins have less than 150 ammo in the map. [ To Avoid Any collision or 2 mods/ within a match ]Violation leads to suspension. 11: Zp_Sniper & Zp_Survivor . ¤ Admins Are Not Allowed To use zp_sniper, zp_survivor. ¤ These Commands Can Be Used Only For Founders 12: Zp_Jetpack. ¤ Can Be Used Only After 2 Rounds Have Passed Since The Map Started. ¤ Can be used only Once every Map. 13: Zp_giveap ¤ Don't use zp_Giveap Up More Than 100 in The Map or you will Be Downgraded/Removed. This command it's Avalaible only For Co_owner/Owner/Founders. ¤ More Than 100 Ammo Can be used only by Founders & Owners to give ammo to the players. ¤ Do not use them for your own benefit. ¤ Can be used only Once every map for co-owners. Important Notes [ For General ]: ¤ Admins have to be role models- Make players aware of the rule, not just to play. ¤ It is forbidden to use any kind of hacks/scripts. ¤ It is Forbidden to spam for Ammo/Jetpack/Mods . ¤ It is not compulsory for sniper/survivor to hide with lm, to ensure a better fair and enjoyable play. ¤ Also Hiding as a last human in any mod is not compulsory. ¤ No Players/Admins Is Allowed To Stay In Spectators, You Can Stay Afk When You Don't Play. [ Spectators will be kicked ] ¤ Good English is compulsory! ¤ In a Report, Only the Accuser, Defendant, People who are directly involved [ to provide Evidence (IF NECESSARY) ], and Co-Owners /Owners/Founders will Take care of the report. ¤ We want to build up a family, Therefore respecting everyone, every country, every language will be our main basis [ Any Bad sayings/Racist comment will be sevearely dealt by Managers ] . ¤ Admin upgrades will be based on their experience/loyalty/Activity/Attitude. We will consider all along. ¤ Admins/Managers/Players using bots to improve their activity, will be dealt with a suspension of 3 days. Important Notes [ FOR ADMINS ] ¤ Ignoring Owners/Founders call/sayings can lead to sanctions [ Suspension for Admins ] ¤ You are not allowed to use command on other admins only owners/co-owners can use it.[ Report is recommended, Commands will be used if and only if really necessary ] ¤ Admin who used zp for himself must take big care for the rules ! the best is to use zp on players in order to help the server!! [ Violation is a 3 day suspension ] ¤ If you want to ban a player and you are not sure try to contact a higher rank! ¤ Admins who did not read the Rules ! : Go Read it ! Because any small mistake you are doing can get you Suspended Then Removed ! ¤ Admins must check forum and TS on a daily basis and help the server or they will be downgraded/removed. ¤ Admins must be active or AFK in night and morning night time and help server at critical times/Hard Times. [ We want loyalty Along with Experience/Activity ] ¤ Admins who don't post their bans/destroy in banlist/destroylist will be given a warning at first ,if they continue they will be suspended for 5 day's. [ All Administrators and above Grade Should Have a Ban List Ready ] ¤ It is forbidden to ask mods/Jp/Ammo from Players [ Must Also Refrain from asking Admins ] Violation leads to 3 day Suspension. ¤ The access of admin needs ensuring the security for it and this implies keeping the password a secret known only by yourselves and owners. ¤ Admins must be Active in ts3 And FORUM! ! : They should be active To Assist Players any time. Rejection to Assist someone [ without a valid excuse ] will lead to suspension. ¤ ALL Administrators will have to vote #Pro And #Contra in every admin request [ With a Reason ] .Failure to vote in Admin request can lead to warning-->Suspension. ¤ All admin without activity will be removed no matter your grade [ Helper - Owner ] to leave some space to those who want to join our family and prove us they are better. ¤ From now on bad words even joking [ Normal Chat , Admins Chat ] is forbidden ! and will be followed by a Suspend .[ To be Fair with the players around ] ¤ If any problem or issue happens with Another Admin, Open a group pm with A Manager and solve it like a family ! [ Fighting and arguing will lead to both sides being suspended (If Required) ] ¤ All Admins must be careful NOT to ask for upgrade, they can do an upgrade request. [ Asking for upgrade can lead to a direct suspension ] ¤ Admins have to wait till 2 Round time To start slapping and Slaying. ¤ Pressing M+5 to join spectator when you are A zombie can lead to a Warning then suspension. ¤ You Have a separate report section. Make sure to have your reports posted there ! ¤ Assisting Players is an admin priority, if found not doing his work will be (Warned)-->Suspended PUNISHMENTS : ¤ If An Admin Abuses These Commands He Gets [Warning 3 Times] And Then Followed by Suspension of 3 Days.[ For rules where punishments are not mentioned ] Important Notes [ FOR MANAGERS ] ¤ Managers must let open the topics for request admin/report admin etc... for a minimum of 24 hours! ¤ Managers have to publish on the forum their Add, Upgrades, Downgrades, Removes for any "Admin/Player". ¤ Managers must be compulsory Active in ts3 And FORUM! ! : They should be active To Assist Players any time. Rejection to Assist someone [ without a valid excuse ] will lead to suspension. ¤ The access of Managers needs ensuring the security for it and this implies keeping the password a secret known only by yourselves and owners. ¤ Adding of Admins Require an Admin Request. Owners who Add Admins without any request/prior consultation with seniors will lead to Warning--> suspension/downgrade. ¤ All New Admins will join as helper Regardless of Experience [ This will not apply for some special cases ] ¤ Giving of Admins Only Password will be given by only Owners/Founders
  5. Whatever RANK you buy, you would get same rank in our other servers, right now we have Zombie Plague 4.3Fix5a and Zombie Plague CSO Special. So you would get same rank on both servers at price of one. >>>○| Monthly |○<<< [V.I.P] = 2 euro [Full V.I.P] = 3 euro [Admin] = 4 euro [Basic Admin] = 5 euro [Premium Admin] = 8 euro [Head Admin] = 12 euro [Co-BoSS] = 16 euro [BoSS] = 20 euro ---------------------------------------------- >>>○| Permanent |○<<< [V.I.P] = 10 euro [Full V.I.P] = 20 euro [Admin] = 30 euro [Basic Admin] = 40 euro [Premium Admin] = 50 euro [Head Admin] = 90 euro [Co-BoSS] = 100 euro [BoSS] = 110 euro ---------------------------------------------- >>>○| Abilities |○<<< [V.I.P] = VIP menu + VIP Knife. [Full V.I.P] = VIP menu + Privilege Menu + VIP Access. [Admin] = Admin Privilege Menu. [Basic Admin] = VIP access + Admin Access + Run 1 mode every 1 map. [Premium Admin] = Full VIP access+ Basic Admin access + Admin Hammer + Run 1 mode every 1 map. [Head Admin] = Basic Admin access + Storm Hammer + Run 2 modes ever 1 map. [Co-BoSS] = Head Admin access + Protected + Run 4 modes every 1 map. [BoSS] = Co-BoSS access + BoSS Hammer + Protected + Run 5 modes every 1 map ---------------------------------------------- Note : Full Admin = Admin [V.I.P] + Admin = Basic Admin [Full-V.I.P] + Admin = Premium Admin Thank you! Contact on discord : hardyjasco#0650 or facebook : https://www.facebook.com/HardyJasco/
  6. Model: ¤ Nickname: ¤ Age (Minimum 15) : ¤ Your Country: ¤ Can you be online between these hours?: (2:00 AM to 12:00 PM): ¤ Link of hours you played on server : ¤ Reason that you want to be admin on JaScoZP: ¤ Other information: Rules To Be Accepted: -Minimum 20 hours played. Check HERE : https://www.gametracker.rs/server_players/ -You must understand and able to speak English well. -You should be able to active daily in the server. -You must be 15 years or older. Note: If you got Rejected, you need to improve your activity and respect rules then you can make a new request after 1 Week !


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