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  1. I wanted to apply for helper because i saw alot of broken english in one of the cso servers and i wanted to fix them up properly as they should be. If i can help with the english issues without applying for helper i can do it that way too its not a problem
  2. Wajski

    Unban request

    Nick-CS -> Knife go vvpvvpvvpvvpDate / time -> 31/8/2020 at 11:35 pm somewhere thereYour Steam_ID -> 76561198994181573Your IP -> The admin who banned you -> I am actually not sure who banned me at that time, It didn't specify who did it I think. Reason -> said "kicked and banned permenantly" when the ban happened, now this shows up. Screenshot: These are the only ones i can get right now Side note: As you can see they didn't specify a reason, I played on that server for a few hours everyday because it felt balanced and fun. I would love to get unbanned as soon as possible. Thank you for your support. Kind regards
  3. I was banned without reason and i have not broken any rules, can i please get unbanned? Kind regards (ingame name Knife go vvpvvpvvpvvp)

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    2. Stane :D

      Stane :D

      yes it was a misunderstanding of the owner of the server but its ok people make mistakes

    3. Wajski


      Yeah, its alright

    4. Kerason


      Reply me !!!!!!! AND I UNBAN YOu



Cooooming Sooon.


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