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  1. bro i'm very proud for someone standing for justice but your stakes are too high i dont want any other good person to loose something precious like this community. i want @modrea @heav to understand who truly i am. and if they think im such a stingy man who thinks about my advantages and myself im telling them thier wrong and their loosing such an honest member for their community.
  2. don't take profit and advantage out of a person's innocence. you are not worthy to be even a hint's member kaneki. shame on you either your joking or not shame on you
  3. 1. I have no relationship with Mohammed nor with deno 2.they only gave me server ftp and panel to their server to put plugins to help.because when a person asks for help I cant refuse its something my parents told me 3. I have no intension of hacking or anything to violate any guideline because - I have notime.i have up coming exams on near December and cannot waste muchtime on playing games. -I have no advantage or any useful factor of hacking anyones any thing because I had the same level of power in the server as deno,field and many other owner ranks had and on forum -And to begin with I have 0 knowledge on information technology or hacking. I did health and physical studies for my ordinary examinations 11th grade (dont bully me now) 4.at my time on the forum or the server of modrea I broke non of the rules and not even look to break them in future. Ask @Kerason @Field and some other people who know me well. Now I kinda feel like aan idiot loosing a golden opporopportunitmaking some good friends because of some stingy people like Mohamed. I am kinda mad with deno aswell because he introduxed me to that person. And I kindly request @heav to remove that server named tesla forever from this forum Thank you, I hope all of you will understand the level of stress and pain I am at right now
  4. Stane001


    so recently when i try to visit the forum from my account i was demoted my developer rank was removed and banned from the forum.. may i ask why? and what did i do wrong and what can i do to gain the forum's trust back?


Cooooming Sooon.


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