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  1. Kitos


    write your req in the Request | Admin | VIP | Slot section use the format mentoined there
  2. stop spamming requests you have already been accepted
  3. Kitos

    balance fix

    i forgot to mention zm meele shouldnt 2 hit 400 ap it should damage less tesla zm has the nemesis hitbox
  4. Kitos

    balance fix

    so first of all some zombies and their abilities Shaman: i agree with the previously discussed damage nerf Sting finger: the arm extension ability deals too mutch damage not to mention it can one shot you if you aim to the head. sadly you cant buy health in the shop yet so this zm can kill you easily Arachne (spider): idk why its in the game and why the owners like to add these owerpovered zombies. it basically ruins all the spots for humans. there is no place it cant go, it even can just fly trough tunnels. it ruins the point of the game no matter how good position you get you cant defend it. if you dont remove it please just reduce the range it can hook or increase the abilities recharge time (Pay to win(:) Tesla: when everybody spams it its kinda bad to fight against, it should stay vip if not at least reduce the time it stuns you Hunter: idk why this is the basic zombie it is really hard to headshot and has the worst hitbox. shop: we really need a health shop increase the cost of antitode or decrease the amount of armour it gives you 150 is way to mutch compared to the regular armour for 16k the invisibility in the shop should look like the ghosts ability its impossible to spot players using it thats about it ty for reading my rant:D
  5. Kitos

    Banlist by Kitos

    i saw him again on the server... no matter how many times i ban him he keeps coming back. someone hadle this pls
  6. Kitos

    Banlist by Kitos

    Nick: ^_^moataz*_* Steamed: STEAM_1:0:1380288098 1315 Ip: Time: 17:55 various we couldn't ban him he kept changing his steamid and kept reconnecting Reason: speed hack, (click hack?) Fast fire Evidence: Also excuse me for recording this on my phone i have a very old laptop an my recording software doesn't work I'll try to get a new one as @Silivl007 also witnessed this VID_20210117_175517.mp4
  7. this is not how you req. use the example mentoined in the request tab
  8. Kitos

    Banlist by Kitos

    My recording software doesn't work cool... He has that fast fireing hack too
  9. Kitos

    Banlist by Kitos

    nick: {8 D} AloNe 0_o steam id: STEAM_1:0:1370880312 244 ip: time: 19:17 reason: Bunnyhop script, speedhack evidence: he left before i could record it it turns out i dont have access to ban
  10. the revenant definietly needs a damage nerf it one shots players. id also keep the tesla zm vip the jetpack needs a rework too its not really fair that palyers using jp can move while under the effect of bats and the tesla ball
  11. i think the shaman is good as it is because almost every player uses the boost. and its hard to catch them
  12. cant help it if you are being toxic and constantly insulting and swearing. Not to mention you change your name to something really rude when you cant insult me in chat after i gaged you:) wich you did at least 2 times
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