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  1. Hi Guys .. i post this topic as a normal player - a SLOT of server ... where inotice about hours in gametracker ... @ALekHanDro had 16.23 (time) with level 65 and he post an ADMIN Request and me has 15.77 (time) with level 38 .. Hope u understand me guys " Post not Asking for grade [ADMIN] , Just for fixing or reduced real hours played for all players " and thanks ? .. @modrea @*UnstoppablE* K!nG @Kerason Owners ... we are shocked .. i have much than 15hour lol !!
  2. Well , i wasn't know that's give me money . i saw a notif in server say's "Say /Card" i tried it and i get a list where i find " modrea " name and " 980k money in Bank = 9800000 " and when field told me only for owner i know that it is glitched and i hope fix it and we gonna be loyal for u and for server at all ? Thanks ...
  3. Nick: [R]edhaa.-Steam (ON/OFF): OFFage: 17Play Hours [link gt] : Much than 15 i guess , but in gametracker i found only 9How did you find out about the server?: Well ... i always care about CSO LVL ZM MOD's and My cousin GaMe*OvEr Send me The IP of the Server !


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