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  1. I leave this srw you can ban my topic or what you do| I leave this srw Forever and That is all Bye Guys
  2. DE3V1L

    UnBan Request

    And im not unnbaned
  3. DE3V1L

    UnBan Request

    You can t ban me again MAN not fair
  4. DE3V1L

    Hope u understand

    Nebi ja tebe banovao rekao sam da cu samo alekxu ali slucajno sam game overa zato sto sam bio ljut na ALexu Mrzim je najvise na ovom glupom svetu I tako da ono nebi tebe banovao
  5. DE3V1L

    UnBan Request

    Nick-CS -> ~[D]E3V[1]L~ Date / time -> 13.2020 idk hours Your Steam_ID -> STEAM_1:0:430171405 Your IP -> The admin who banned you -> Lenore The reason -> I ban 2 pleyers witchout reason 1. is admin Game Over 2. Alekhandro [Slot] [Im angry on alexa and i ban alexa and game over :_] Demo/Screenshot ->
  6. I have 1 probelm on this srw that is Alexa
  7. -_- Im not random player
  8. I got perma ban i don t have nothing to say -_- P.S Sry Game Over Im angry On ALeKHanDro
  9. DE3V1L

    HEY :)

    Ho are you ? xD
  10. Pro! i love him good english and friend
  11. 1.You can t have jp i warn you 2 times 2.I gag you bcz you mind me "Kiddo" i say you im nod kiddo im 17 .
  12. Ja bi ti dao Pro ali nisam admin Srecno


Cooooming Sooon.


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