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  1. This îs forum staff request. If you want be admin on one of our servers you have to make request în The specific subforum of the servers
  2. heav

    Ban List by Field

    Dont make topic for every ban. Make only 1 and reply to it
  3. Accepted! TOPIC CLOSED!
  4. Îs useless if i add more maps because our players plays only dust aztec inferno and nuke. Maybe i will add some remake maps but i dont know for sure
  5. Sorry to reply but ihave to say something TO BE MODERATOR TO A SERVER SUBFORUM , YOU NEED TO BE OWNER ON THE SERVER.
  6. heav

    Report PRO INDAIN

    @Field done
  7. Lenore 1 warn. Wrong section!
  8. When you have a suggestions pls post link where we find it.
  9. Accepted! Pm neo with nickname and pass
  10. You have 1 week and your usefull post are 0. Make usefull post an i'll think about it
  11. This îs forum staff!
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