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  1. Nick: Luxurious Steam (ON/OFF): off age: 19 Play Hours [link gt] : https://www.gametracker.com/player/Luxurious/zm.HintServers.Com:27015/ How did you find out about the server?: internet
  2. Title : DragonsXtreme ZP 4.3 Fix5a Description : Zombie Plague 4.3 Fix5a Author : Luxurious Link : Click Here Plugins-zp : ; - Quick tips - ; * Rename this file to disabled-zplague.ini to turn the mod off ; * Rename it back to plugins-zplague.ini to turn it on ; * Put a semi-colon in front of a plugin to disable it ; * Remove a semi-colon to re-enable a plugin ; * Add the word debug after a plugin to place it in debug mode ; Main plugin zombie_plague40.amxx debug ; Default zombie classes zp_zclasses40.amxx ; Add sub-plugins, custom zombie classes, and extra items here zp_time_presents.amxx zp_getap.amxx zp_knifemenu.amxx zp_ammo_change.amxx zp_info_tophud.amxx zp_giveap.amxx zp_parachute.amxx zp_saveap.amxx zp_countdown.amxx debug zp_donate_ammo.amxx zp_ammo_change.amxx zp_advanced_win_msgs.amxx zp_sprites_on_hud.amxx zp_ice_cube.amxx ; ZP Classess zp_class_revenant_poison.amxx zp_class_revenant_fire.amxx zp_class_revenant_ice.amxx ; Extra-Items zp_extra_knife_blink.amxx zp_extra_armor.amxx zp_extra_minigun.amxx zp_extra_rock_guitar.amxx zp_extra_watergun_new.amxx zp_extra_basilisk.amxx Plugins :- ad_manager.amxx lsbots.amxx abd.amxx advanced_bans.amxx amx_gag.amxx nademodes.amxx multijump.amxx camera.amxx AdminPrefixes.amxx multifastdl.amxx ;VIPs Extra zm_vip.amxx zp_vip_extra_human_armor.amxx zp_vip_extra_buffak.amxx zp_vip_extra_sfgun.amxx zp_vip_extra_jetpack.amxx ; Svips Extra zm_svip.amxx zp_svip_extra_buffm4.amxx
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