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FBI, Open UP!

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  1. Nick: FBI, Open UP! Steam: ON age: 18 play hours:2.57h I found out about the server while I was searching. I put North America in, because I was tired of every server having only russian players. So I desided to try North America, and it worked! I found the server, and I joined. I LOVE it now!
  2. Hello! I am FBI, I wanna introduce myself first. I am FBI and I LOVE chesse, but do you know what else I LOVE? well, its this server, its SO DAMN GOOD!! But yeah! Basically I came here to apply for slot! I would like to be a slot, and maybe one day an admin! Who knows!! Annd yeah, that is pretty much everything I have to say! I hope you guys accept me. Oh and I would like to be a slot because I think I might deserve it, I dont know. We will see what modera has to say.


Cooooming Sooon.


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