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  1. @Kerason is working hard on getting the server back to being the best!. if you can please help him with anything u are helpful of T/C!
  2. wrong sub forum, please post on the correct sub forum T/C!!
  3. automated ban systems are kinda messy and hard to handle with..but yes i also suggest to put amx_pika to the sv @Kerason please respond
  4. Stane :D


    we admins also have issues with the current speed hackers for example the player "warrior A L G E R I A" and " 33 " they are using dynamic ip's so ip banning them are useless. i suggest @Kerason to add amx_pika @MrGgim this is not the correct sub forum the sub forum u reffering to is zm.hintservers please refrain from posting in incorrect sub forums T/C
  5. please reffer the right section and post with correct format in the correct sub forum
  6. contactați kerason pentru a vă verifica din nou parola
  7. ti-ai introdus parola in consola folosind "setinfo _pw" parola ta "" ??
  8. the levels reset for everyone as @Lenore. to make a fair gameplay for new members who joined the server. have fun! T/C
  9. @ENKI_ at the moment we are having trouble with the GP and trying to figure out what's wrong and try to fix it. after the work is done ill make sure to ping heav and wdecoded to run a sxe injected server for anti cheating
  10. 7 another day of corona plus my lucky number
  11. respect the format and repost on the correct sub forum. this is not zm.hintservers.com sub forum
  12. @Kerason please remove mr red
  13. this is the no of snapps i banned within 30 mins. just ban 1 snapp someone else comes with tht name my banned ip list: SNapp.txt


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