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  1. add only 2 more admins just admins no mod or nothing keep the admins as admin
  2. stolen nick :Sead ip: reason: stolen account duration: 3 days proof: real sead changed his name to *unstoppable*Sead
  3. stop spamming topic! +warning level (reason:spam)
  4. stolen nick :clem ip: reason : account Stealing duration 3 days please community admins @nekaluda @*UnstoppablE* K!nGremove CleM's vip he still has vip with no password
  5. Stane :D

    CleM VIP disable!

    well the vip time is over now
  6. Stane :D

    CleM VIP disable!

    well we thought it was disabled its not .someone disable user: cleM's VIP
  7. stolen nick : CleM, adam reason:account/ name stealing ip&steam : STEAM_1:0:34455042 duration: 3 days proof(console): ] amx_last name authid ip access Stane STEAM_0:0:99632811 bcdefijmnopqrst imfake STEAM_1:0:34455042 z NakaMura Is Back STEAM_0:1:46249641 z adam STEAM_1:0:34455042 z 67 STEAM_1:0:768260441 z BRAHIM CABBA STEAM_1:0:1845859386 z kismo01 STEAM_1:0:1224311314 z CleM STEAM_1:0:34455042 t omar ben boklaimina(a l g) STEAM_1:0:1151664982 z CleM STEAM_1:0:34455042 z 10 old connections saved.
  8. Stane :D

    sv crashing maps

    well i changed to zm_dust2_2x2_fixed then it crashed
  9. well @[R]edhaa.- anyone can request for admin. but you must meet the requirements to get it and confirmation of 3 server admins alekhandro does not get adminship because he lack of hours in server . thought the slot is free anyone can get it when a forum admin accepts. please take to mind everyone who requests for admin will not get admin the must always meet the requirements and fullfill then requirements are for admin: age: 16 or above hours on server :60 hours or above discipline: the best! (personal for me if you want to get a PRO! from me) and before getting accepted by a forum admin : 3 Pro!'s from server admins note: if you get 3 contra! from server admins you get rejected have fun T/C
  10. Stane :D

    sv crashing maps

    so ive found some maps which crash the server when changed after a vote zm_dust2_2x2_fixed cso_hintservers if there's more please reply to this topic and let the server handlers know (note to the server handlers: please remove these maps immediately)
  11. contra! low hours,you need 60 hours for admin!
  12. @>>>HE@DSHOT<<< Abed -.- donot spam unwanted/gibberish language on topics.obey the server rules! t/c
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