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  1. oi..oi.. @Silivl007 me and kerason suspended this guy for toxicity and admin power abuse. think twice
  2. please re-post with a proper format t/c!
  3. aight same old stuff one after another..ill start 1
  4. 2020 is over! 2021 is already here T/C all!! lets start a new one for 2022
  5. first of all @modrea @Kerason<3 i thought we banned sead, is the ban time over or some bug? and who gave helper to him? because i didnt see any req or anything, second of all @1'HD`TaP.stop with the cursing and stuff this is the last warning read the damn community rules before you post any thread. also please c'mon what happened to the 3 contra's and pro's from other server admins? @Kerason<3? @modrea?, it was better when i was in owner rank and administrating the server, better run an observation for the admins before accepting them.the only trust worthy admins i know is @Lenore and @[Legion]Field who is now sadly disappeared out of sight. you neeed a better admin panel with discipline to run a good server.
  6. if you are trying to req for moderator rank in forum this is the correct section but this is not the section for requesting slot in any of the servers. please reply so i can re-check on your moderator application
  7. contra! , age must be at least 16, hours played must be at least 60 for helper rank.
  8. contra!. insufficient hours! need atleast 60 hours. request again when u have met the requirements
  9. you get security for your account obviously. 3 pro's is needed to be approved by the admins. good luck
  10. @[HinTs]Kerason @modrea we already talked about this matter of shaman. the scream aurora is OP
  11. EnZo


    i blame this on the admins. the server admins must be more active. i've only seen lenore & wakizu doing their job fine
  12. The first blank page for a 365 page book. may all of your dreams & goals come true. wishing all you Hinters a great new year to spend with love, warmth and happiness. cheers to a new year, a new beginning and a new chapter to your lives and mine and another chance to spend this year right. -HintServers Community-
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