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  1. Yea we need that rule because suvivor with jp too op we can't kill him
  2. Your Name: DankLxrd claimed admin name: mrshark45 date: 16:07:2020 time: 12:37 reason:toxic and abuses admin powers PROOFF: Chat logs:[Level:22] [Slot] PRO INDIAN GAMER : you cahnge map[ ?[ADMINS ADVERTISMENTS] whoever changes the map in less than the remaining 5minutes receives the instant removal![Level:150] [Co-Owner|VIP|GOLD] mrshark45 : ye[Level:70] [Admin|Vip|Youtuber] DankLxrd : ok[Level:22] [Slot] PRO INDIAN GAMER : now give me rocket[Level:70] [Admin|Vip|Youtuber] DankLxrd : yea[Level:22] [Slot] PRO INDIAN GAMER : ye[Level:150] [Co-Owner|VIP|GOLD] mrshark45 : who report me?[Level:22] [Slot] PRO INDIAN GAMER : dank[Level:22] [Slot] PRO INDIAN GAMER : will[Level:70] [Admin|Vip|Youtuber] DankLxrd : I will[Level:150] [Co-Owner|VIP|GOLD] mrshark45 : ok goCastor Troy killed leo kun with knife[Level:22] [Slot] PRO INDIAN GAMER : d[Level:150] [Co-Owner|VIP|GOLD] mrshark45 : am wait[Level:22] [Slot] PRO INDIAN GAMER : xd[Advertising] The Level Will BY reset Have fun Team HintServers[Level:150] [Co-Owner|VIP|GOLD] mrshark45 : i will fucked youmrshark45 (RADIO): Fire in the hole![Level:70] [Admin|Vip|Youtuber] DankLxrd : you didn't ask for change map voteSIR_APPLE2 droppedleo kun droppedleo kun has left the game[ADMINS ADVERTISMENTS] whoever changes the map in less than the remaining 5minutes receives the instant removal![Level:22] [Slot] PRO INDIAN GAMER : CSO[Level:70] [Admin|Vip|Youtuber] DankLxrd : read rules[Level:150] [Co-Owner|VIP|GOLD] mrshark45 : shut up now[Level:22] [Slot] PRO INDIAN GAMER : me ?_________REX killed TILI with skull3[Level:150] [Co-Owner|VIP|GOLD] mrshark45 : k*** OzquR killed <Warrior> Player with a headshot from aug **** If you want to buy Level type say /lvl*** Just^Ors killed smAh`|lo l with a headshot from aug **** If you want to wach a price VIP|GOLD type say /price*** OzquR killed TILI with a headshot from aug ***[Level:22] [Slot] PRO INDIAN GAMER : ??[Admin - Slot] Drop the slot to save acount admin / slot www.hintservers.com Castor Troy (RADIO): Fire in the hole!(1)<Warrior> Player (RADIO): Fire in the hole![Level:70] [Admin|Vip|Youtuber] DankLxrd : mrCastor Troy (RADIO): Fire in the hole!(1)<Warrior> Player (RADIO): Fire in the hole!west-boost [1] droppedwest-boost [1] has left the gameCastor Troy (RADIO): Fire in the hole!SACCTDL killed (1)<Warrior> Player with knife_________REX (RADIO): Fire in the hole![CSO] Server forum->www.hintservers.com*** OzquR killed <Warrior> Player with a headshot from aug ***SiDeR killed heroshima with knifeSIR_APPLE2 dropped[Level:70] [Admin|Vip|Youtuber] DankLxrd : why u such a toxic co-owner[Level:22] [Slot] PRO INDIAN GAMER : xD[Level:70] [Admin|Vip|Youtuber] DankLxrd : just say please stop spamming chat or smothing not shut up
  3. Name:DankLxrd Age:17 Hours player: https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ZM.HintServers.Com:27015/top_players/?query=DankLxrd Level: 68 You agree with the sanction removed for non-compliance with the regulation?: yes
  4. Name:DankLxrd Age:17 The category you want to moderate: CSO|LVL|MONEY|EXP#|ZM.HintServers.Com| Contact (Steam / Skype / Facebook / etc.): Discord: DankLxrd#7940 steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/PipZeke/ Why do you want to be a Admin ?: I wanna help and protect the players from all kind of bad things I know the hintservers rules and I am ready too work Experience in the field: I have been admin for 8 years have worked in ghub as and admin too, and I am trained admin
  5. I recomend change the shaman too the heal shaman because the server shaman gets abused some people just spam trow walls don't even attack soo its not even fun and they can infect anyone its not soo hard for vips,but normal players allways gets infected by the spammers who camp and spam power recomend the shaman with heal power https://zombie-mod.ru/cstrike/cstrike-zpe/cstrike-zpe-zmclasses/6980-zp-zombie-class-shaman.html
  6. ok then atleast hope for a better vip menu gun ?
  7. yea plasma gun for vip and thanatos-7 lvl 165
  8. I don't wanna get thanatos-7 in vip menu kinda op I wanna plasma gun in vip menu
  9. I said it after janus I wanna plasma gun in vip menu
  10. say blood dripper? we have only gilotine witch its buggy
  11. add a new gun for vip menu I think this one is good its the most loved gun in all the servers its a good gun and I recomend it http://www.csplugin.com/2013/06/zp-extra-item-plasmagun.html New gun after janus ? https://god-cs.ru/counter-strike/zombie-plague/extra_items/1338-zp-extra-items-thanatos-7-cso-dlya-cs-16.html I have a lot of more ideas for guns but I just wanna get a better gun for vip menu because the rpg has just good knockback not really good dmmg
  12. He was just gaging players who was swearing and you guys just started saying no reason
  14. Nick: DankLxrdSteam (ON/OFF): STEAM ON MY STEAM : https://steamcommunity.com/id/PipZeke/age:18Play Hours : https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ZM.HintServers.Com:27015/top_players/?query=DankLxrd I am a youtuber who wanna work with the server and upload some more videos ? I just wanned to ask for vip for better videos ? My Video on server:


Cooooming Sooon.


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