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  1. AssAssinX

    Hes back

    Yep, me and my brother FIeld saw this hacker kimo... Maybe he can be tectunix ? xD
  2. AssAssinX

    VSK94 BUG

    E bug! Arma are 50 ammo si 2x dmg ... Ce spui tu este altceva
  3. AssAssinX

    VSK94 BUG

    Hi guys...today i found a bug on the server which allows to vsk94 to get 50 ammo and 2x dmg... all u have to do is to get a vsk and go to a gift ... but u have to get crossbow from that gift...then bam... u got the 50 ammo and 2x dmg vsk94 I hope u guys will solve that bug bcs is a really op bug.... HAVE A NICE DAY!
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