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  1. majamaka

    VSK94 BUG

    and also u have to be very lucky to get cross from gift
  2. majamaka

    New maps

    hey! guys i wante dto recomand some og maps for zm few of them are zm_fox and zm_fox_v2 if u are an og gi dont have to send photos and also zm_ice_attack and there are 5 of them to zm_ice_attack5 and i dont u gonna add zm fox cuz they are too small but at least add 2-3 of zm ice attack and for the 2 last are zm_force and zm_snow_attack_dd
  3. majamaka


    i 2 suggestions about shaman like the first one 1. its about it cant hit with the magical aura through walls and the 2. its make him at least dont infect like it leaves u on 1 hp and 0 armor so u ill be 1 hit from fall dmg and 1 hit from zm and also make so in swarm or plague mode zm cant respawn but also make so ct cant place in in swarm mode or pkague and make zm a lil bit stronger in those 2 modes and add a gun bettwen kvl 32 and 38 cuz its a lil bit to far and also make pst midnight evryone gets. a 1.5 exp bosst until 8 at morning and that's all cya!
  4. majamaka

    Silver rank

    im auggestiing this for ppl that dont have that much money cuz for some ppl vip and gold its to expensive and i thought 1$ would be good
  5. majamaka

    Silver rank

    hey there again i wanted to suggest another think in my opinion there should be also. a silver rank like vip and gold in my opinion silver should cost 1$ or get it via top15 like u get it from top 15 and also if u kill a zm u would get 10 extra exp or 20 and give bonuses for money/exp like a 1.5 or below that like 1.2 and that's all so cya!
  6. Hey guys i just wanted to reccomwnd this thing ik that u get free asmin at 60hr and mod at 100hr but u need to make so they also can have at least one gun for admins and moderators like for admin i would give K1asus or thanotos 3 Mp5 u could add any weapon that u want i am just suggesting. and for mod a good weapon like thanotos 7 m249 and if u would do this some admins or mods would be pretty happy and thanks if u readed my suggest and cya!
  7. Nick: majamakaSteam (ON/OFF): STEAM_1:0:381616595 age:15Play Hours [link gt] :1.5 hrHow did you find out about the server?: i found this server in yt by the chanel called m4m3t;x something like this
  8. majamaka

    new guns

    add barlog mp5 for lvl 17 add barlog ak47 add a new knife that gives u duble jump but it slows u new pistol barlog 1 deadd thanotos / m249
  9. hi i joined the fourum my nick is majamaka and i joined so give em Slot


Cooooming Sooon.


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