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  1. if gametracker dont support country there is no way to boost just you can pay with paypal
  2. neo

    Request DNS

    If he want join our community he need to make rules!!
  3. neo

    Request DNS

    he means he need to choose diffirent dns
  4. neo

    Request DNS

    Its rule if u join here that servers name need be hintservers
  5. neo

    Unban Field

    For edison heav and wdecoded will see but i think he will lose his acces for you text to heav or wdecoded bcs i cant unban you now
  6. neo

    Request DNS

    @Mohamed Altyp Im neo i check server manegements and staffs for accept or reject we will wait wdecoded or heav for now i dont want to say something before ask them
  7. We have good youtubers like k!ng and welcome redhaa
  8. @Mahmut Şahan Malesef yeterli degilsiniz o yuzden rededildiniz
  9. no report if he do again direct remove!! t/c!!
  10. neo


    @OpSs! You cant ban anyone for perm we are here as creators if u do again you will lose your acces!!
  11. This topic closed by Adminstrator and you moderators or global moderators if high grades close topic you cant write anymore if u continue you will get block from zm category!!!
  12. Rejected!! you need have minimum 100 posts at forum and good activity t/c!!!
  13. you need make this on your profile!!!! t/c!!!
  14. neo

    UnBan Request

    De3v1l you dont will get unban i"ll talk with modrea about your privileges t/c!!!
  15. enki what maps we have every maps what is on classic


Cooooming Sooon.


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