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  1. Your age is 15 and you're saying you have 7 years experience on moderator grade?
  2. You Have Banned from zm server for perm so its to hard to play again on zm for you!!
  3. neo

    Request DNS

    If he want join our community he need to make rules!!
  4. neo

    Request DNS

    he means he need to choose diffirent dns
  5. neo

    Request DNS

    Its rule if u join here that servers name need be hintservers
  6. neo

    Request DNS

    @Mohamed Altyp Im neo i check server manegements and staffs for accept or reject we will wait wdecoded or heav for now i dont want to say something before ask them
  7. I need help about my mouse i have steelserias rival 700 model and sometimes it stop moving pls if someone can help me text me in dm ?

    1. DankLxrd


      if you can open it and check maybe your wire connection is lose and it loses power but first move your wire and look at the laser if it turns off ther might be a problem with the wires secound look if your laser sensor plastic isn't dirty  

    2. DankLxrd


      it has happend too me too I had wire problem


  8. Guys I Can't Play Like 1 Week Bcs I Need See My Family But I"ll Check Forum ?

    1. wdecoded


      Take care Neo! Enjoy spending time with you family. My bro

    2. neo


      Thanks bro

  9. neo


    We Decided To make Giveways For Join Giveways You need Complete Requirements Requirements: [1]. Account On Forum! [2]. Minumum Posts 20+! [3]. Minimum 25+ Hours Played on One Server! [4]. Joined Steam Group! [5]. Joined Discord Group! [6]. Subscribed Youtube Channel! [7]. Subscribe Instagram! By Hintservers.com Staff
  10. so good plugin bro i"ll use it :))
    amazing plugin good job brother :))
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