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  1. Rejected you need have minimum 30 hours!! t/c!!
  2. nick; nekaluda your level: 120
  3. Accepted send user and pw on pm!! t/c!!!
  4. Accepted send user and pw on pm!! T/c!!
  5. @Stane :D bro you need write this on your profile!!!! next you will block from zm category!!! t/c!!!
  6. @Stane :D You are just moderator you can't choose accept or reject just tell your opinion then we will see t/c!!!
  7. im not neo anymore and if i use neo you cant ban me bcs im creator xdd
  8. hahaha @*UnstoppablE* K!nG nigga you are serial killer xdd
  9. nekaluda


    make this on your profile!!! t/c!! and you cant get unban
  10. for now we cant add anything so rejectded t/c!!!
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