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  1. Lenore

    Fix my Level

    levels reset for everyone.
  2. Today me and @skrillex were playing when mr red joined the server and gagged @skrillex for 1 day after i removed the gag and told him to stop he banned him for 30m. and other helpers/admins saw him ban other players for no reason aswell. he shows no respet to me or other high rank players in the server and he thinks hes the boss for some reason. Changes maps without asking me, bans people with no reason, gags them for a very long time and abusing some players. @Maradox @Haunted Rito < people who saw him ban @Kerason @modrea
  3. ye today there was 5 of them playing at the same time you can't really deal with them because all of them use steam id changer and ip changer either remove auto vip or add password to the name *SnapP* @Kerason and i suggest adding password to snap
  4. Nickname: aniss Duration:Perma SteamID and IP: STEAM_1:0:503320596 Reason: SpeedHack Proof: vlc-record-2020-10-23-18h47m27s-Half Life 2020.10.23 -
  5. oh trust me this is way worse than clem's problem
  6. i agree with @Stane :D 100% here @Kerason everytime i join the server i find 5 people with the name *SnapP* can we add password or something its annoying very annoying when i see them i just want to leave.
  7. Contra! afk 90% of the time never saw him play in matter of fact.
  8. please give this fine sir his permissions back he plays in the morning when many hackers are on.
  9. We had many issues with top15 the past few months top3 players get free VIP and some of them don't have slot which can be really annoying, many players use the top3 player's names and use hacks trashtalk etc etc.. and alot of players join with names such as "CleM" and *SnapP" and tell me that they are real and i should kick the fake one. So i suggest removing the auto top3 VIP and bringing back the old system where they have to request in forum, things are getting out of hand. and please for god's sake can someone deal with the nickname "SnapP" hes a top2 player and there is like 20 players trying to abuse his VIP and steal his account i can't tell which one is real at this point. @Kerason @modrea
  10. follow the model.... Nick:Steam (ON/OFF):age:Play Hours [link gt] :How did you find out about the server?:
  11. a Nickname: iiDjamalDZ Duration: Perma Ip and steamID: STEAM_1:0:2129841725 Reason: aimbot and script aswell Proof: PS: sry about the music was a long and shitty day vlc-record-2020-10-18-20h23m09s-Half Life 2020.10.18 -


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