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  1. Name: DZ VINNY 4444 Duration: 30 minutes Ip and steamID: STEAM_1:0:2080879365 Reason: swearing multiple of times gagged him 3 times and warned 2 times Proof: Unknown command: energy132_weapon_crossbow Son-Goku connected Son-Goku is joining the Counter-Terrorist force [Level:39] DZ VINNY 4444 : biitch Unknown command: energy132_weapon_crossbow Lenore killed DZ VINNY 4444 with sg550
  2. name: i dont know but he used (adam) Duration: 3 days ip and steamID: STEAM_1:0:34455042 reason: account stealing proof: 5:02 STEAM_1:0:1305666831 bt PANISHER STEAM_1:0:289015099 z */wekittA*/ STEAM_1:0:553522881 b Varn STEAM_1:0:227189019 z COVID 19 STEAM_1:0:1718054354 z Ragnar_lord STEAM_1:0:159756418 z Lenore STEAM_0:0:90782950 bcdefijmnopqt [Pro]~[StyLe]~[MaZeN] STEAM_1:0:1024613664 z M Thailand STEAM_1:0:210245802 z adam STEAM_1:0:34455042 z adam doesn't play in the server anymore. How do i know? he said so himself and i can tell this guy is not the real one because his ping is low + he cant speak english nor arabic
  3. who said i use armor bind
  4. nice suggestion but keep it 7+ times no less
  5. name: ILikeRed Duration: permanently ip and steamID: STEAM_1:0:1511251634 Reason: Speed hacking proof: vlc-record-2020-08-01-18h57m11s-Half_Life_2020_08.01_-_18_42_05_02_DVR.mp4-.mp4
  6. acc or name stolen: CleM Ban duration : 3 days ip and steamID :STEAM_1:0:770835023 reason: account stealing proof: name authid ip access bandaritax STEAM_1:0:656125232 z CleM STEAM_1:0:770835023 t CS-TN STEAM_1:0:1815396073 z <Warrior> Player STEAM_1:0:1397321282 z HALI BULII STEAM_1:0:1171014736 z 2 the same day
  7. acc or name stolen: CleM Ban duration : 3 days ip and steamID :1:0:766626368 , reason: account stealing proof: name authid ip access samasm_haibar STEAM_1:0:492525019 z harth STEAM_1:0:972384739 z samasm_haibar STEAM_1:0:492525019 z harth STEAM_1:0:972384739 z Killer STEAM_1:0:691585223 z OpSs! STEAM_1:0:1431663168 z Lenore STEAM_0:0:90782950 bcdefijmnopqt harth STEAM_1:0:972384739 z omar hero STEAM_1:0:580827906 z CleM STEAM_1:0:766626368 t
  8. Nick: Lenore Your level: 123 fyi: no one gave me levels, i leveled up by myself without any creator/owner giving me levels
  9. my friend over here wants slot @nekaluda @Kerason someone is using his account. I know its the wrong section but hes spanish and the website is in english so forgive him. Nickname: Wekitta
  10. Lenore

    Clem situation

    found this today STEAM_1:0:1809326546
  11. Lenore

    Clem situation

    fyi clem doesn't speak arabic fake clem's steamID : STEAM_1:0:175936441
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