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  1. I don't understand these " Say 1 More = for 1 more admin Say 1+ More = for more then 1 admin " Can you explain it easily @Field
  2. Who say im onwer xd ,sure i dont know everything you think im god or what xd
  3. I think you was top 3 , and top3 players have vip just for 1 week or 2 so ..
  4. biex1g

    CleM VIP disable!

    VIP for top 3 just for 1 week
  5. So i found new way to know a password for any admin in server or even in other server , I tell @Lenore how to do it , If anyone of founders want to know text me :3
  6. That's not the problem , There players will come here so it's big help :3 @Stane :D
  7. Slot is free enjoy , wait @Kerason or @nekaluda
  8. That's not the chat , I want answer
  9. biex1g

    Server not running

    I just want you to know that server not running and i hope the problem will solve very soon ,ty
  10. Great idea but i would like to not give these access to all admin's maybe for example normal admins " can do 5 access moderator can do 8 access other admins can do the all access , that's my opinion
  11. !PRO , you can be co owners with your hours + active player + Good guy
  12. I have an suggestion i hope you will take it and work in it , That's they player's Can buy armor for example : Normal players can buy armor 3 time per round . VIP players can buy armor 5 time per round . GOLD-VIP players can buy armor 7 time per round . (General , God ,etc ... ) Can buy armor 9 time per round . Co-Owners, Owners Can buy armor unlimited per round . I hope you like this suggestion and work on it ,.
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