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  1. NICK: Z3tryna SteamID: STEAM_1:0:163490193 IP: Time: Permanently REASON: Speed Hack EVIDENCE: Video i made Be careful please ,) hl 2020-08-18 13-22-20-170.mp4
  2. Yep it was a big problem that some kids with admins vote without know the player , I agree with that @Field
  3. This mod will applied at modrea's server or another server GL
  4. !Pro enjoy slot is free wait @Kerason or @nekaluda Gl
  5. NICK: Mariam Nasser SteamID: STEAM_1:0:644430381 IP: t Time: 6:42 REASON: Aimbot EVIDENCE: Video that @Lenore make , I don't know what vip play could have hacker or anything anyway, @Lenore Upload the video here
  6. !Pro slot is free enjoy , wait @Kerason or @nekaluda
  7. !Pro slot is free enjoy , wait @Kerason or @nekaluda
  8. Who say im onwer xd ,sure i dont know everything you think im god or what xd
  9. I think you was top 3 , and top3 players have vip just for 1 week or 2 so ..
  10. biex1g

    CleM VIP disable!

    VIP for top 3 just for 1 week
  11. So i found new way to know a password for any admin in server or even in other server , I tell @Lenore how to do it , If anyone of founders want to know text me :3
  12. That's not the problem , There players will come here so it's big help :3 @Stane :D
  13. Slot is free enjoy , wait @Kerason or @nekaluda


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