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  1. Yes when i was 1 month i dont start gaming when i was 8 years then i start FREE FIRE
  2. Name[/nickname]: Yousuf Age: 15 Country: PAKISTAN Occupation: DOCTOR A short description about you: I AM VERY HONEST AND CUTE BOY How did you found out Hintservers Community: BY SEARCHING ON GOGGLE FORUMS CS1.6 Favorite games: PUBG,CS1.6,GTA5
  3. Nume: Yousuf Vârstă: 15 De ce dorești să aplici pentru acest grad?: I KNOW THIS GRADE VERY WELL I HAVE 7 YEARS EXPERIENCE Ce secțiune dorești spre moderare?: any section that you guys give me Explică activitatea ta pe forum și secțiune din ultima vreme: i will be active much perday= 14-15h Alte precizări: Nothing.
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