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    Current menu: new menu: 1 Make human/zombie 1 Make Human 2 Respawn 2 100 armour or 100 hp or both (seriously we already have spawn with m 2 ) 3 Make youreself the boss 3 Make random Nemesis 4 Make myself survivour 4 Make random Survivour 5 Start mode Mass infect 5 Start mode mass infect 6 Start mode Heat to heap 6 Start mode swarm (just change name) 7 Start mode Plague 7 Start mode Plague More mode ideas to add: 8 Start mode Nemesis vs Survivour (all players nemesis or survivour) 9 Start mode Sniper vs Assasins (all players Snipers vs Assasins) ( sniper and assasin 1 shot each other) 10 Start mode Sniper ( 1 player sniper 1 shot kills but low hp) 11 Start mode Assasin ( 1 assasin fast and 1 shot kills but low hp and dark map) (reccomend add nightvision extra items)
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    (1) Nick: ~*[312]*~(2) Age: 22(3) Hours played: https://www.gametracker.com/player/~*[312]*~/ZM.HintServers.Com:27015/(4) Level: 83(5) .You agree with the sanction removed for non-compliance with the regulation?: Full agreement.
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    Nick Name In Server: OpSs! Age:19 Why you want to play in server: My Friend Told Me About This Server And I like It So Much Have So Much Stuff And I Have Fun:D How Much Time You Play Daily: 2 or 3 Hours Minimum Thats All I Hope You Acept Me
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    So /card is only for people with owner access but @[R]edhaa.- told me it worked for him. I think there is a problome with it. Maybe some other players have it but dont talk about it. Guys please fix this asap . @modrea @nekaluda @*UnstoppablE* K!nG @Kerason Important note : This is not his fault or other players so dont do anything bad to him or others if they have it!
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    name: ILikeRed Duration: permanently ip and steamID: STEAM_1:0:1511251634 Reason: Speed hacking proof: vlc-record-2020-08-01-18h57m11s-Half_Life_2020_08.01_-_18_42_05_02_DVR.mp4-.mp4
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    Nick CS: Lu_★ Edad: 31 ★ Perfil de Steam: no tengo ★ ¿Ha leído las reglas? si★ Enlace GameTracker:
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    nick: ip : reason :Advertising of servers Duration: permanent (ip ban) proof:(console) (Counter-Terrorist) : @ DE_DUST2 ONLY 30/32! 119 (Counter-Terrorist) : @ DE_DUST2 ONLY 30/32! 119 has left the game
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    Bruh i buy it are u really owner ? u dont even khow anything
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    @[R]edhaa.- Alekhandro was using warrior player public name but he asked modrea for slot and he changed name and modrea gave him 60 levels to compensate for name change thats why hes 65 now but with low hours. T/C!
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    Hi Guys .. i post this topic as a normal player - a SLOT of server ... where inotice about hours in gametracker ... @ALekHanDro had 16.23 (time) with level 65 and he post an ADMIN Request and me has 15.77 (time) with level 38 .. Hope u understand me guys " Post not Asking for grade [ADMIN] , Just for fixing or reduced real hours played for all players " and thanks .. @modrea @*UnstoppablE* K!nG @Kerason Owners ... we are shocked .. i have much than 15hour lol !!
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    well @[R]edhaa.- anyone can request for admin. but you must meet the requirements to get it and confirmation of 3 server admins alekhandro does not get adminship because he lack of hours in server . thought the slot is free anyone can get it when a forum admin accepts. please take to mind everyone who requests for admin will not get admin the must always meet the requirements and fullfill then requirements are for admin: age: 16 or above hours on server :60 hours or above discipline: the best! (personal for me if you want to get a PRO! from me) and before getting accepted by a forum admin : 3 Pro!'s from server admins note: if you get 3 contra! from server admins you get rejected have fun T/C
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    @>>>HE@DSHOT<<< Abed -.- donot spam unwanted/gibberish language on topics.obey the server rules! t/c
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    This message is redirected to every single admin in this community. if you see a player name containts a dns or ip like zp.rangford.ro, you must change their nick by using the following comand: amx_nick "old name" "new nick" Example: change it to zm.hintservers.ro or Fan of hintservers, etc Do as you like but don't forget to change these players nick Thank you.
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    https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ this server same name , coincidence or someone copying ? i even tried searching for some names on the top board like : kerason modrea i dont think they are here but the server name is same and the owner is different check plz!
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    I have an suggestion i hope you will take it and work in it , That's they player's Can buy armor for example : Normal players can buy armor 3 time per round . VIP players can buy armor 5 time per round . GOLD-VIP players can buy armor 7 time per round . (General , God ,etc ... ) Can buy armor 9 time per round . Co-Owners, Owners Can buy armor unlimited per round . I hope you like this suggestion and work on it ,.
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    So i found new way to know a password for any admin in server or even in other server , I tell @Lenore how to do it , If anyone of founders want to know text me :3
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    woi @Field tag me on tht too i use armor bind xD
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    (1) Nick: 5:02 (2) Age: 24 (3) Hours played: https://www.gametracker.com/player/5%3A02/ZM.HintServers.Com:27015/ (4) Level: 113 (5) .You agree with the sanction removed for non-compliance with the regulation?: Absolutely.
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    I just want you to know that server not running and i hope the problem will solve very soon ,ty
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    @biex1g if we do that we gonna need moderator and super mod menus not worth it
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    Great idea but i would like to not give these access to all admin's maybe for example normal admins " can do 5 access moderator can do 8 access other admins can do the all access , that's my opinion
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    pro! best zombie player
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    !PRO , you can be co owners with your hours + active player + Good guy
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    nice suggestion but keep it 7+ times no less
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    limited armor good lets keep it same for all players 5 times per round for all it must be balanced...just give 1000hp to co/owners and 500 hp to mods/vip|gold members sounds fair?
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    lets add some colors to the steps we take...lets add trails with colours for specific members (choosable) yellow color - vip gold - well gold obviously blue- admins red - owner/co-owners green - top5 players (maybe) and if people like to have trails 1$ for white trail (not interested at all but we get money ) c'mon think about it it brings color to the server and more players want to play trail plugin: https://forums.alliedmods.net/attachment.php?s=a7ebabc8001d3d523d3cd31b76b27fcc&attachmentid=4922&d=1135904888 side note : trails can be set by super-moderators/co-owners/owner only
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    Send me on privat mesage nickname password
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    Here you go @heav I fixed it
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    NICK: Kimo SteamID: STEAM_1:0:1511276008IP: Duration: 9999999 min REASON: "access hack" (steal my admin)EVIDENCE: found about him tnx to his steam id provided by @biex1g and confirmed by me Im sorry to all the people for this big problome if there is anyway i can give you back for the pain this person made let me know.
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    Nick: krolik, kyle, csosad, YourCS | ProPlayer (names he stole) Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:770835023 IP: Time: 2500 minutes Reason: Stealing names Evidence: HalfLife03.tga If you cant open tga files use this https://tgaviewer.com/download.aspx
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    NICK: PRO INDIAN GAMER STEAM ID: STEAM_1:0:803161141 IP: Time: Permanent Reason: Blacklisted Evidence: per request of @mrshark45 and @nekaluda and this topic
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    another id STEAM_1:0:13767182 @modrea @nekaluda @Kerason @*UnstoppablE* K!nG pls someone turn off top 3 autovip this might happen in the future to other players who dont have registered names Make it like before where players who get in top 3 they should make requests in forum
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    Nick: Lenore Your level: 123 fyi: no one gave me levels, i leveled up by myself without any creator/owner giving me levels
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    so in every server there are these tags which represent who is who for example :admins,owner,leaders etc you know em but they all have a meaning where admin = administrators and owners = the server owner etc so getting on to the larger point..... change the tags of these rolls moderator and super moderator they mean to be moderating the server not administrating. moderating and administrating is 2 things sooo change them to moderator = assistant admin / assistant head admin (this is too long i wont recommend) super moderator = head admin while these will give a meaning to the roles and also give more commands than a default admin on these above roles (super mod & mod) T/C
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    nick : Fire name stolen: Clem (vip acc with no pw) ip& steam: STEAM_1:0:774644500 Duration: 3 days proof (console): CleM STEAM_1:0:774644500 t reai< aziz> STEAM_1:0:1676175002 z YABESH G0RKHALI STEAM_1:0:613492499 z qSq | RaouF Kd STEAM_1:0:1556634276 z CleM STEAM_1:0:774644500 t reai< aziz> STEAM_1:0:1676175002 z Fire STEAM_1:0:774644500 z jatekos STEAM_1:0:433976801 z 0sama STEAM_1:0:511034273 z MONSTER STEAM_1:0:774644500 z 10 old connections saved.
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    Salut, Sunt eu Mas7eR am revenit si eu inapoi in hintcomunity, cauza retragerii a fost ca am avut ceva probleme.. infine Sper sa va fiu de ajutor si asa mai departe
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    Pro! Yes he doesnt have the level or hours but he was one of the first admin on this server and helped me when i started as admin, hes got the skills and always followed the rules and knows how to have fun , guys just give him admin trust me . Ps. the only reason he was removed is because he posted he was gonna retire but now hes back and will be active player! Ps2 You want Field 2.0 but speaks romanian ? Well its this guy .
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    contra ! put +warning point on this player reason: false age (3 times in a row)
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    I like these tags :3 i hope i see it tomorrow or very soon
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    I like m3 dragon
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    [1] .Nick: [2] .Age: [3] Hours played. (link gametracker compulsory ) : EX: https://www.gametracker.com/player/modrea/ZM.HintServers.Com:27015/ [4] .LeveL: [5] .You agree with the sanction removed for non-compliance with the regulation?: To see a player, go to the following link: Click &nbsp;!!!! The application title admin requires or contains: Request admin #Nick The minimum age is 16 years! You need at least 60 hours for a possible admin application! You need know good english! You need get minimum 3 Pro from admins if u get 3 Contra! You cant Be Admin (Just Admins Can write Pro! or Contra!) Your level need be 45!!! Team Hint Servers ZM.HintServers.com
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    acc or name stolen: CleM Ban duration : 3 days ip and steamID :STEAM_1:0:770835023 reason: account stealing proof: name authid ip access bandaritax STEAM_1:0:656125232 z CleM STEAM_1:0:770835023 t CS-TN STEAM_1:0:1815396073 z <Warrior> Player STEAM_1:0:1397321282 z HALI BULII STEAM_1:0:1171014736 z 2 the same day
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