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    Hi Guys .. i post this topic as a normal player - a SLOT of server ... where inotice about hours in gametracker ... @ALekHanDro had 16.23 (time) with level 65 and he post an ADMIN Request and me has 15.77 (time) with level 38 .. Hope u understand me guys " Post not Asking for grade [ADMIN] , Just for fixing or reduced real hours played for all players " and thanks .. @modrea @*UnstoppablE* K!nG @Kerason Owners ... we are shocked .. i have much than 15hour lol !!
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    @[R]edhaa.- Alekhandro was using warrior player public name but he asked modrea for slot and he changed name and modrea gave him 60 levels to compensate for name change thats why hes 65 now but with low hours. T/C!
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    well @[R]edhaa.- anyone can request for admin. but you must meet the requirements to get it and confirmation of 3 server admins alekhandro does not get adminship because he lack of hours in server . thought the slot is free anyone can get it when a forum admin accepts. please take to mind everyone who requests for admin will not get admin the must always meet the requirements and fullfill then requirements are for admin: age: 16 or above hours on server :60 hours or above discipline: the best! (personal for me if you want to get a PRO! from me) and before getting accepted by a forum admin : 3 Pro!'s from server admins note: if you get 3 contra! from server admins you get rejected have fun T/C
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    @>>>HE@DSHOT<<< Abed -.- donot spam unwanted/gibberish language on topics.obey the server rules! t/c
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    I like m3 dragon
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    [1] .Nick: [2] .Age: [3] Hours played. (link gametracker compulsory ) : EX: https://www.gametracker.com/player/modrea/ZM.HintServers.Com:27015/ [4] .LeveL: [5] .You agree with the sanction removed for non-compliance with the regulation?: To see a player, go to the following link: Click &nbsp;!!!! The application title admin requires or contains: Request admin #Nick The minimum age is 16 years! You need at least 60 hours for a possible admin application! You need know good english! You need get minimum 3 Pro from admins if u get 3 Contra! You cant Be Admin (Just Admins Can write Pro! or Contra!) Your level need be 45!!! Team Hint Servers ZM.HintServers.com


Cooooming Sooon.


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