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    hi guys the server crashed from 1 hour and all vips lost his vip plz fix this proplem fast i dont see the crash but the players told me and i lost my vip too
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    Ye we Need Some New guns i agree With you
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    I have a suggestion that's all players can buy item "armor" 3 time per round , because the things went bad for zombies ,Think carefully , GL
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    Yes i know you Want Peace -_-
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    The nemesis bazooka 1 shots every human. He doesnt even have to come to you with knife he can just spend the entire round just using it as a sniper. Either remove the bazooka or reduce its damage.
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    Zm.HintServers.Com By order of the server owner @modrea ... Anyone who has admin /or slot /or vip /or .... directs to an account @modrea..... and sends the new password For your safety, of course
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    @[R]edhaa.- Alekhandro was using warrior player public name but he asked modrea for slot and he changed name and modrea gave him 60 levels to compensate for name change thats why hes 65 now but with low hours. T/C!
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    This message is redirected to every single admin in this community. if you see a player name containts a dns or ip like zp.rangford.ro, you must change their nick by using the following comand: amx_nick "old name" "new nick" Example: change it to zm.hintservers.ro or Fan of hintservers, etc Do as you like but don't forget to change these players nick Thank you.
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    Nick: krolik, kyle, csosad, YourCS | ProPlayer (names he stole) Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:770835023 IP: Time: 2500 minutes Reason: Stealing names Evidence: HalfLife03.tga If you cant open tga files use this https://tgaviewer.com/download.aspx
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    Salut, Sunt eu Mas7eR am revenit si eu inapoi in hintcomunity, cauza retragerii a fost ca am avut ceva probleme.. infine Sper sa va fiu de ajutor si asa mai departe
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    contra! wrong age lst time he said he was 14 when slot then 15.5 when admin and now 17 in same year REJECT! we dont need lying admin! proof : plus im not sure if he is the real one
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    well lot of us are asking to add the Thanatos 3 for vip menu or ordinary player menu so why not add to the game its super fun gun side note : dont make the gun too op make it STATISTICS OF THE GUN dmg:medium recoil:low special attack dmg: high thanx hope this will be added to vip menu or player levels t/c URL:https://gamebanana.com/skins/143241
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    i choose lvl 50, coz they can get xp easily will not edit until you all decide
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    Well most of the servers nowadays provides steam priviledges like free vip in cod servers, free AP at everymap, steam player skins....soo why not add this knife for steam users which has low gravity/huge knockback per 5shots. Url: https://www.everythingfps.com/skin.php?id=4110
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    Contra! He said hes 14 in slot request and in server and he grows up 1.5 years in 2 weeks??? lying
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    Pro! He was one of the first admin in server back when the requerements were 20 hours and got removed because he stopped playing the server
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    use a proper format please and you need more 5 hours for admin req https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ZM.HintServers.Com:27015/top_players/?query=ofir use this format for admin request after your 60 hrs of active play Nick: Age: Steam (yes/no): hours played: Reason to be admin:
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    thank you for understanding me very much b1ex i hope the other members understand me as you do i have hope on my helpful staff!
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    He insult me too but i don't care if "CO owner" insult me i forgive him :3
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    who banned you?
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    Yea I saw normal player and slots use it we need make it to admins only
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    @Stane :D We cant change amx commands because they are pre set to work like they are made. Slay is made for just slaying players in case they get stuck or do off map bugs or something else but if you want people to remain slain and not respawn were gonna have to remove the respawn plugin which is not gonna happend. Its impossible to add timer to kick and there is a command for that function called ban
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    I agree with you guys Shaman can infect any normal player by his ability and if he noop he don't attac and use his ability
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    iam with you guys the vip player use only weapons_akgold_golden deagle_the fan imean the weapon on 4 number
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    Ye Bro I Agree With you
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    i think shaman should be reomved coz its too over powered and same is with vampire zombie
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    Accepted send user pw pm t/c!!
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    aw c'mon atleast the storm knife? its best for a mod and admin scifi-knife
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    Nick:adam [2] .Age:18 Steam profile: (if you have?): i dont have steam [3] Hours played. ( gametracker link ) : https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ZM.HintServers.Com:27015/top_players/?query=adam [4] .Level: 74 5] .You agree with the sanction removed for non-compliance with the regulation?:yes I can speak english easily and fluently Hours played = 128 | Rank in server = 2 | Rank in gametracker = 2
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    dont worry
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    Contra! you need more 27 hours to request!
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    I need help about my mouse i have steelserias rival 700 model and sometimes it stop moving pls if someone can help me text me in dm
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    hi guys the nemesis have bazoka and he can kill all players by it if he noop and his hp 100k then its imposible to humans destroy him can we remove his bazoka or less his hp to 20k? bec it make change to humans win thanks
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    @Field I mean your dogs hhhhhh
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    sorry but we need proof without proof we cant do anything
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    pro hacker!
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    I have a suggestion that players can buy that item "unlimited clip" Just 2 time per map , Because its very OverPower in some weapons , Thanks
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    i agree with deno and lenore here make it +70 lvl or higher if everyone can use it zombies will just keep losing and can add it just for 4 or 3 time per map this better
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    Sry Neo + he's my brother thats why i tell him
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    good bye pro we will miss you good luck
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    Nice. Good job
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    How in the actual f did this happend???? Is this the same guy that hacked @Kerason server???? @modrea change my pass at once ill send you the new pass
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