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  1. Rules | Regulament ZM

    Attention! Read the rules!



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  2. Request | Admin | VIP | Slot

    If you have 60H played, make an admin request / the slot is free!

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  3. Vote Server|ZM   (79 visits to this link)

    Help the server with a single vote, every day, so that he can survive!

  4. News

    Here you will read all the news, the videos on the server!

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  5. Suggestions

    Want to suggest something about the server / report a bug? Post here!

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  6. Unban

    If you received an innocent "Ban" complete the application for "UnBan" here!

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  7. Report Admins

    Report an admin for his deeds! Let's assume!

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  8. Blacklist

    The so-called Black List, Ban to each admin!

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  9. Team ZM | Admin | VIP | GOLD

    Here you can discuss with and about the server administrators.Here you can discuss with and about the server administrators.

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  10. [ZM]Fun & Entertainment

    Virtual communication between server players

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