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  1. Yesterday
  2. Shong


    pls i need slot
  3. @Kerason is working hard on getting the server back to being the best!. if you can please help him with anything u are helpful of T/C!
  4. wrong sub forum, please post on the correct sub forum T/C!!
  5. Last week
  6. Doamne ajuta, Fi Binecuvantat Acest server chiar are nevoie ESTE CEL MAI TARE Multumesc ca mi ai ascultat rugamintea :))
  7. bro i got bann when i'm vip can you unbann me??
  8. i will search the automatic plugin for cheater auto kick
  9. automated ban systems are kinda messy and hard to handle with..but yes i also suggest to put amx_pika to the sv @Kerason please respond
  10. Propun ca pe acest server sa existe un amx pika avansat ca sa nu mai fie codati pe server! sau poate un plugin care detecteaza hack ul cum sunt pe serverele de classic
  11. Stane :D


    we admins also have issues with the current speed hackers for example the player "warrior A L G E R I A" and " 33 " they are using dynamic ip's so ip banning them are useless. i suggest @Kerason to add amx_pika @MrGgim this is not the correct sub forum the sub forum u reffering to is zm.hintservers please refrain from posting in incorrect sub forums T/C
  12. please reffer the right section and post with correct format in the correct sub forum
  13. Asi dori si eu slot pe zm CSO daca se poate
  14. MrGgim


    Asi vrea si eu slot daca se poate
  15. MrGgim


    De ce nu sunt admini pe servaru de zm CSO sunt plin de codati cu speed
  16. contactați kerason pentru a vă verifica din nou parola
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